St. Kitts debate over the car...

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St. Kitts debate over the car...

OK - so my family and I are split on the issue of the car and I find that I am losing the fight.

We are heading down in two weeks for two weeks - woohoo and staying at Timothy Beach.

I feel that we should rent a car for the whole two weeks so we can come and go at our leisure - meaning escape the beach if the cruise ship comes in. And go where we wish on the island.

Due to the cost and the feeling that we may not use the car every day the others feel an 8 - 9 day rental would suffice.

I did contact via email (it appears to be the only email accessible car company) G&L and they have been prompt in their reply however they have quoted us a heft price and this doesn't help my case - additionally they are NOT able to offer the car in Nevis as has been reported here.

Help please? Thanks!
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I agree with your family.
I've never been to St. Kitts but this is my thoughts on renting cars.
We usually always do. We do in the middle of the trip. We like to stay at the resort the first couple of days or so to just chill, recharge our batteries and let all the stress seep out. The last 2 days or so we also like to just stay at the resort to rest and relax after spending several days visiting sights.
2 weeks, eh? Nice. Have a great time.
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Yes - two weeks - we went away last year and at the end of the one week trip we swore up and down we wouldn't make that mistake next we are giving two weeks a try - I think we should manage... When you put it as you do however, re: renting the car - I do feel myself sway toward the family perspective...relaxing on the beach at the beginning and end does sound important too!! Thanks!
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We visited St. Kitts a few years ago. We always rent a car to be able to explore the island. Even though we rented from one of the "brand" name companies, all of their cars were in terrible shape. We picked out the "best" but it was the worst car I have ever ridden in. It was a real piece of junk and we returned it the same day because we did not feel safe in it.
So my advice is be very careful who you rent from and no, you really do not need a car for the full 2 weeks. Enjoy the resort where you are staying because too often I know we do not do that.
While you do have the car, make sure to visit Fort Brimestone. Also we did manage to find the snorkeling spot where there is a 16th century shipwreck in about 8 feet of water, with cannons still there. These 2 things were the highlights of our trip there.
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caribtraveler has some good thoughts on usage.
We never go during high season, but when we are there, we pay about 45.00 per day for a nice newer 4 door 4x4 from Avis.
Clown cars should be about 38 or 40 per day as a guess.
TBR is right on S. Frigate Bay Beach and the famous "Shack" as well as a multitude of other beach bars.
Taxis are expensive, however, and it doesn't take much travel to accrue a 40.00 usd tab......
A taxi for the first day or two will give you the lay of the land so you will get the jist of whats what......
Pay attention about round-a-bout etiquette, tooting on sharp, blind curves etc.
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I'm on your side. Rent the car for the whole trip.

I know that Avis has an agreement with Noel's on Nevis, and I believe that Delisle Walwyn and TDC also have reciprocal agreements in Nevis.

We usually rent a car the day after our arrival, and keep it until the end of our stay, driving to the airport and leaving it there for pick-up.

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Two weeks is a long time to rent a car. Although I usually like to have a car for the whole trip I think this time you really can manage without one for a few days at each end... relaxing on the beach does sound good!

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Personally this is a no-brainer for me. I always rent a car for the whole time I'm away when I travel. I like the ability to come and go when and where I please and it doesn't bother me that the car might sit in the parking lot all day and never be used, after all, that's no different than my car "back home" - it's sits in my garage or the parking lot at work much more than I drive it yet I never give it a second thought even though I make monthly payments on it. Besides, as others have mentioned taxis are expensive and 2 r/t's a day usually add up to more than the cost of a rental. To me the flexibility of having a car available to me at my convenience more than make up for the cost.

The decision to rent for a few days or the entire time, of course, is a very personal one and your budget is a major factor. Ther's no right or wrong answer - do what seems best to you and your group.
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You should definitly rent a car while in St. Kitts! We were there for a week and spent a small fortune on cabs.

Since you are staying at Timothy Beach Resort you could walk to the beach bars and restaurants your first week and the second week rent a car and visit South Friars Beach, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Turtle Beach and Cockleshell, or do an exchange for one day in Nevis.

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