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johnb May 5th, 2009 11:09 PM

St. John's Weather Worries!!
Leaving for St John's in a week. The weather report says rain May the rainest month?

We really need this vacation......

SAnParis2 May 6th, 2009 03:23 AM

A rainy day at the beach is better if its raining its not a vacation ? C'mon now.

xkenx May 6th, 2009 04:42 AM

The weather "forecast" every day, every island calls for rain because there can be tropical showers. Truth is that this is still the dry season, and any showers will likely be brief and not interrupt anything. You don't even mind the showers because air is 82 deg., ocean is 82, rain is 82. enjoy paradise!

brenandg May 6th, 2009 04:54 AM

Do you mean St John USVI or St John's Antigua? I think you mean the USVI's. St John was absolutely begging for a rainwater drink, the island was really dry and brown. Then on Monday they had a torrential downpour which dumped 6-8 inches of rain in a matter of hours. They are expecting more rain for the next few days but expect the system to move out after that. Your biggest worry is going to be mosquitos. They haven't had a rain like this in a while and the skeeters will hatch in a week or so and be out with a vengence. Bring your bug spray! We leave Saturday the 16th so we will be cursing the skeeters with you. On the upside, the island shoud be beautifully green again and blooming. We have gone several times in May and it is not unusually rainy. Weather is weather, you just never know when a system will move through.

brenandg May 6th, 2009 06:33 AM

Here are some recent pics.

johnb May 6th, 2009 11:44 AM

I know I know...just killing time before we leave...hoping to be on the 4pm ferry from st thomas on the 16th too

brenandg May 6th, 2009 03:47 PM

We will probably be on the 5:00 from Red Hook. We land at 3:22 so there is an ever so REMOTE chance of making the 4:00 from Charlotte Amalie. We play it by ear when we arrive. My husband likes Red Hook much better now that they have a terminal and a bar to wait in, LOL. Cheers to clearer skies and water calmed down and blue again from all of the run off. Did you hear about the algae problem in the water recently too? Where are you staying?

johnb May 7th, 2009 02:04 AM

Caneel...and you?

brenandg May 7th, 2009 04:11 AM

We will be at Gallow's Point. If you haven't already, have a look at this forum. We are having a gathering at The Beach Bar Sunday the 17th for the jazz band around 4:30-5:00. Very fun group of people.

johnb May 7th, 2009 04:36 AM

brenandg, Thanks for all the information..I will check out the link. I did want to ask you in your opinion; if it stops raining soon, how long would it take for water to clear? Caneel has mixed reviews regarding service and amenities however no one ever says anything bad about the beaches or water...BTW is Gallow's far from Caneel

john & francine
marlton, nj

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