St John Wedding/Honeymoon??


Aug 27th, 1999, 10:51 AM
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St John Wedding/Honeymoon??

Hello! My fiance and I want to get married (and honeymoon) away from home. We have (finally!) narrowed it down to the island of St. John. (Main reasons: quiet, private and it's under US laws - This will be our first trip out of the states.) My questions:
1. When is the best time to go? I would prefer to take advantage of the prices during their "off" season, but would like to avoid the terribly hot weather. (We can handle 'hot', but hate humidity!) Also, my fiance has alergies -- are there bad times for alergy season?

2. Where to stay?
- Has anyone heard/stayed at/seen The Castle? It seems different/interesting, but we're not sure if we'd rather settle for a more "comfortable" setting.
- Which is the best part of the Island? We aren't terribly concerned with beaches, since we plan to travel around the island to see different ones. We would just like a place that's secluded/private/quiet -- with a great view!
- The villa companies I have been considering are: Destination St John, Catered To and VivaVillas -- anyone used these? Any one better than the other?

3. Has anyone heard/used the wedding services offered by Ceremonies of St. John? (The bridal consultant is Stacy Mulcare.)

I appreciate (and need!) any information you'd like to share with me!! Email me directly, if you prefer. Thank you in advance!!
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