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Joy Jun 25th, 1998 11:21 AM

St. John -vs- Antigua
My husband and I are planning a Caribbean trip and have narrowed our choices down to either St. John or Antigua. I'd like some opinions on which is better - and has anyone stayed at Pineapple Beach Club, Antingua?? Thanks for the advise!! It's our first trip to the Virgin Islands... :-)

michael Jun 25th, 1998 03:20 PM

St. John, hands down. MUCH friendlier, safer, and more beautiful. In my opinion.

joy Jun 26th, 1998 12:36 PM

Michael, <BR> <BR>Thanks for the reply...Is there a hotel you'd suggest?!?! Thanks!! :-)

Nansea Jun 26th, 1998 01:37 PM

I love St. John!! We stayed at Maho Bay which is more basic (canvas-sided bungalos and community bathrooms) This was the only vacation where I truely lost track of the day and time.

michael Jun 26th, 1998 03:08 PM

There are really only two on the island -- Caneel Bay and the Hyatt Virgin Grand. Caneel is very upscale yet casual. 7 beaches, beautiful grounds, etc. The Virgin Grand is more modern -- but still impressive. I don't like the beach nearly as much, though. When we stay down there, we rent a private home/villa. They are reasonable and more comfortable than a hotel in my opinion.

ilisa Jun 28th, 1998 10:54 AM

I have no experience with St. John, but my husband and I honeymooned at Pineapple Beach in Antigua five years ago. We loved it. It is a beautiful resort. The service was wonderful as was the food. It was the most relaxing vaction we ever had. The island itself is not a beautiful, lush island for the most part`, but the friendliness of the people and the resort more than made up for that. It also does have beautiful beaches. Since then, we have recommended Pineapple Beach to several people, all of whom loved it.

Lark Jul 7th, 1998 01:19 PM

I have only been to two places in the Caribbean. St. Johns and Antigua. St. Johns wins hands down. Beautiful and rural. If you want more action, just hop on the public ferry to St. Thomas for shopping, etc. I would try Maho Bay to stay at. <BR>I will NEVER go back to Antigua. Unfriendly people, awful poverty, not much to do, no snorkeling. yuck.

Patric k Jul 8th, 1998 04:51 AM

We have never been to Antigua but have been going to St. John for 15 years and it is truly beautiful. Very laid back, not a lot of night life but great beaches and water sports . We have also met many people who have been to many other islands and all have said that St. John is the most beautiful- several have mentioned the poverty on Antigua. There are many great villas to rent on St. John but most are for familieS or groups- you might like a cond0 Gallows Point is very nice and withing walking distance of Cruz Bay- if you don't need such an upscale place then there other other very nice condos in Cruz Bay- If price is no object Caneel Bay resort is in a class by itself.

Lynn Jul 8th, 1998 12:21 PM

We've heard wonderful things about St. John so we've booked a week in November and booked a villa through, they have been very helpful and priced reasonably. I'm looking for information on the hiking trails, which ones not to miss and which to not bother with....any suggestions?

Allison Jul 23rd, 1998 12:49 PM

Absolutely no question about it. ST. JOHN. <BR>Stop wasting your time and energy on Antigua. You'd never ever forgive yourselves. Trust me and trust what everone else will tell you. St. John hands down.

Louis Dameson Jul 23rd, 1998 09:39 PM

There is no question that St. John is a nicer place than Antigua. However since most of the island is park land there are limitations on places to stay on the water with rates in between camping and Caneel Bay. The British Virgin Islands are a stone's throw away. They have all of the virtues of St. John and a much larger choice of places to stay at all price ranges. Virgin Gorda is an island very similar to St. John in natural beauty. Check the web site for the BVI. The BVI is my choice over St. John if you don't want to camp or pay the price of Caneel Bay. I leave Antigua out of consideration.

Liz Schulman Jul 26th, 1998 05:05 PM

Considering renting villa near Cinnamon Bay for family of nine for spring vacation--one Nana-me-one couple with 3 year old-one couple-just married-another couple and a single son-range in age from 25-34 plus me--much older--Is there anything to do on the island other than snorkel--I haven't been there since 1963 when we honeymooned at Caneel--Loved it then--Is there any beach that has rental equiptment--what about a market--Please help--I have to make a decision quickly <BR>Thanks for whatever info

charlie Jul 26th, 1998 05:14 PM

Yes Liz , you can rent equipment at Cinnamon and there are two markets on the island , one in town on Centerline road across from C&C car rental and the other near the Westin resort. If you like the outdoors there's lots to do plus you're only a beautiful 45 minute ferry ride away from downtown St. Thomas. GOOOOO and enjoy the time together with your loved ones . Adios !!!!

Patrick Jul 27th, 1998 05:05 AM

Liz- you are in for quite a shock if you haven't been to St. John since 1963-the development will astound you but the park has protected the natural beauty of the island. Marina Market on the road to the Westin aND Star Market in Cruz BaY are light years better than thed markets that were there when we first started going in the 1980's. There is not much to do except water sports and day trips to other islands although some of the restaurants in Cruz Bay do have entertainment-maybe for the single guy in your group.My teenage daughters still die to go there so I dopn't think the lavk of night will be a big problem. Have fun.

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