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VAtraveler Jan 30th, 2003 09:23 AM

St. Croix - Buck Island Trip
My husband and I are going to St. Croix soon and want to do a half-day trip to Buck Island. Does anyone have a recommendation of which tour company to go with? We are leaning towards Big Beards (offers half-day trips in the afternoon only) but also think a smaller group might be nice. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

calypso Feb 2nd, 2003 04:55 PM

I would suggest a small boat. I spent nine lovely days on St. Croix in '98 and did two full-day sails to Buck Island. Both were on a 6-passenger max 30-foot sloop. The &quot;Snowflake&quot; captained by Clyde Henry. Both trips were out-darn-standing (obvious, because we went twice). I can't way anything bad about Big Beard because I haven't sailed with them. But I watched their boat go as we sailed. All 20+ passengers with their little yellow vests on, and nobody smiling. To contrast, we sailed out, keeling in the wind, whooping it up, grins plastered wide on our faces. The first trip we had a full boat of 6, the second trip just 2. Both trips were terrific, and Captain Clyde was warm, knowledgeable, engaging, fun, yet very concerned with our safety and comfort. <BR><BR>A smaller boat will usually require a full-day commitment because the sail is longer than a trip by engine. But in my opinion, it's a more memorable trip. If time is a factor, Big Beard will get you there. If a memory is desired, do the smaller, personal sail trip.<BR><BR>Just my 2 cents...

Joanne2 Feb 5th, 2003 04:58 AM

I'd recommend Mile Mark with the Trine and Captain Tommy Maynard. It's a 6-passenger trimaran and that baby can fly! I've recommended it numerous times to people who have later posted that they loved it. The Trine does half day and full day sails. For some strange reason Mile Mark does not have a web site, but the telephone number is 340-773-2628

CF Feb 5th, 2003 03:54 PM

We went on a catamaran a few times and the trips were uncrowded and we had a great time.(I forget the name of them) We also went once on the Divi and it was also a good trip. The only real recommendation I can make that hasn't been mentioned here, is go in the morning. The light is much better and the coral and stuff all show up better in the earlier light. Have a great time, it's an awesome place.

VAtraveler Feb 19th, 2003 01:06 PM

I wanted to report back that we ended up going with Captain Mike on the Diva and had a wonderful time!!! For those curious, Captain Francis has moved back up north &amp; Captain Mike took over for him last summer. I highly recommend Captain Mike and the Diva for those interested in a trip to Buck Island. Captain Mike was a lot of fun and went out of his way to make sure we all had a good time. <BR><BR>The smaller group on a sail boat was definitely the way to go in my opinion. It really made a difference when we were snorkeling - Captain Mike led the 6 of us around the reef. I would not have felt as comfortable going with the large crowd that was snorkeling right before us, esp. because the water was very choppy that day.<BR><BR>You can check out his website at:<BR><BR><BR>BTW, he was able to match the 2 of us up with a foursome for our trip.

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