St Barts, St Johns or Barbados

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St Barts, St Johns or Barbados

Our honeymoon-we are looking to go to caribbean island for our honeymoon Dec 8 to Dec 17...any advice...we were looking at barbados, but were thinking about the other two...We were engaged in St. Martin so we thought we would try something new to the both of us. Please help!
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First off, I assume you actually mean the island of St. John (no "s") as St. Johns is the capital city of Antigua. I point this out because if you book travel to St. John's you'll end up on the wrong island.

The three places you mentioned are distinctly different so which one you visit will depend on what type of experience you are seeking. if you can give us more infornation about your likes and dislikes it will be easier for the contributors here to offer guidance and suggestions. Perhaps the following will be of some help:

St. Barth's is a French island, with literally hundreds of exceptionally fine restaurants, a good variety of upscale hotels and rental villas, lots of chic fashion shops and some very nice beaches. The island has a definite European sophistication and flair to it. It's a relatively small island and can get a bit crowded during high season but that shouldn't cause you too much of a problem during your planned dates of travel.

St. John is another small island with exceptional beaches, very good to excellent off-beach snorkeling, a large number of rental villas, only 2 major resorts, a few good restaurants and a small shopping village. Three-quarters of the island is preserved as a National Park. There is a deciidedly American feel to the island.

I can't tell you too much about Barbados other than it is the largest of the islands you are considering, it has a British heritage, some good beaches and a large selection of hotels and resorts.
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I personally think the view from St. John is wonderful for honeymooners. There are villas and hotels to choose from and you can always ferry over to St. Thomas if it becomes too quiet for you. Average temperature is about 82 degrees.
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Thank you! We love the beach. We will spend most of our time venturing to different beaches. We will want a nice suite or villa that has its own hottub/plunge pool. We will want to enjoy nice dinners and a fun night life. We really do not care about shopping...should I say, he would not care about shopping. We usually spend all day on the beach on our regular vacations. My fiance was interested in Barbados because of the surfing and the distance, but I was just curious as to where I would find the most romantic experience with the nice beaches and the nightlife!
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Barbados is a wonderful island that will provide some of everything you could possibly want, except gambling. Lovely people, lots of sightseeing, fine restaurants, both hotel and independent. Hugh variety of beaches:calm water west coast for snorkeling, small waves SW coast, medium body surfing waves SE coast, big surf east coast. The class hotel act on the island is Coral Reef Club on the west coast. Low-rise and cottage style on beautiful grounds, nice beach. Family-owned for some 50 years. And they have recently built suites with small plunge pool. See and
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I don't think you could go wrong with any of these choices. I have been to all three and love them all for different reasons.

St Barths is very small, sophistocated, expensive and very chic. Barbados has the most Caribbean feel of all three and is a very large island with a lot to see. St John is wonderful as well. Very lush and green with wonderful beaches.

I think it depends on what you really want to do and see. The hotels on St Barths are very small and expensive, most people rent villas. We are doing that in November. Barbados has a lot of different types of accommodations from luxury resorts to apartments and villas. St John has 2 resorts and lots of villas.
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To help you make a choice, it sometimes helps to check out the villa choices. Try or
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Everyone has given very good and "right on" advice. The only thing I'd disagree with is that the snorkeling on Barbados is pretty mediocre. Same with St Barts. St John wins hands down if that's what you're most interested in-- but the other 2 islands are splendid in the ways that the previous responders have mentioned. St Barts is VERY expensive. It's quite beautiful though (and has spectacular restaurants-- way better than the other 2 islands). Congrats on your upcoming marriage!
XKENX: Did I miss the good snorkeling on Barbados? We would consider going back to that island--liked it a lot-- if we could find a terrific place to stay with great snorkeling convenient. I found the whole west coast area not very interesting-- resorts all too close together, small beaches, etc. I liked St Lawrence Gap a bit better-- but the water is usually rough there. I sure wish the Arnos Vale property on Tobago would get back to being what it was 30-35 years ago-- our favorite place in the whole Caribbean!
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No, the snorkeling on Barbados cannot compare with St. John, but it is decent in some west coast spots. Coral Reef Club is adjacent to an underwater park, which helps. My previous suggestion was for overall island ambiance for people who might want a rich island experience. Barbados offers a rich non-US culture, lots of other attractions, gorgeous tropical setting nearly everywhere except for the heavily built-up Bridgetown area.
Everyone sees things differently; we went to St. Barts based on guide book recommendations and were underwhelmed.
We thought that it was certainly French chic, but more like a piece of France than the Caribbean, and not particularly lush or scenic, so why not go to France for France? We also felt that the food on Barbados was every bit as good. The experience on Barbados could not be duplicated elsewhere.
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On St. John, US Virgin Islands, there are small hotels, bed and breakfast and guest houses, charge less than $150 a night.
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I vote St. Bart's for romance nightlife and beaches. Can't say anything about snorkeling since I've never tried that....yet. Barbados has never much appealed to me. I find it to be very commercial and of course flat, but then I prefer the islands with hills and some rocky coastline. I really find St.Jean beach quite nice. Shell Beach too. Unique because of the shells. Congradulations.
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