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Anna Jan 25th, 2001 06:31 AM

Southhampton Princess
Has anybody stayed at Southhampton Princess? I looked it up on their website and everything looks nice except for its location (up on the hill). Is it far from the beach? Also, what other luxury hotels on Bermuda would you recommend? <BR>Thanks!!!

Michelle Jan 25th, 2001 04:11 PM

It is very nice. Actually, the location gives you a great view. It is a long walk from the beach but the hotel has shuttle buses that take you back and forth. We did walk it once. Unfortunately, I have no other recommendations of luxury hotels on Bermuda. We left Elbow Beach Resort because we were so disappointed in the accomodations. SHP is large, which allows for a lot of good services - restaurants, shops, beauty parlor, spa, etc. You will LOVE Bermuda.

Karen Jan 25th, 2001 09:20 PM

Michele, when were you at Elbow Beach? I understand they just finished a total renovation and the pictures I saw it looked nice. I haven't been to Bermuda in 10 years and even back then the Elbow Beach looked worn and in need of a renovation. I wouldn't stay there.

Anna Jan 26th, 2001 07:41 AM

Thank you very much for your responses. I also looked at The Reefs and The Cambridge Beach. It's so hard to decide :)

Mare Jan 26th, 2001 04:10 PM

Depending which month you go, some of the restaurants and the pool are shut down. We went in May when everything had reopened although the weather was still a little cool. All in all, we had a great time at the SHP.

Anon Jan 27th, 2001 09:38 AM

<BR>Cambridge is closed presently for renovation, scheduled to open sometime later this year. The Reefs is a great place. Pink Beach is nice & close to the best (IMHO) golf. <BR> <BR>Anon (not because I'm hiding, because I'm sick of spam & rude mail) <BR> <BR>

Linda Feb 9th, 2001 12:21 PM

I did a lot of research on Bermuda and my husband and I stayed at the South Hampton Priness last July. Great location. Very short free shuttle to Horseshoe Bay which is the finest beach on the island. Dolphin watching. Bar with entertainment in hotel. Many good restaurants in the hotels to choice from. Great gift shops in the hotel. We had a great view. Our room was in the front of the hotel where we can view the pool below and the ocean a little way in the near distance. The famous lighthouse is also a short walk away. Most restaurants are expensive there and do plan to dress up. Most rest. require men to wear jackets. Any more questions please e-mail me.

Tammy Feb 9th, 2001 05:51 PM

The food at non-hotel restaurants was very average. This is the one place where I would consider all inclusive. The best food we had was in the hotels. I think the SH Princess is the nicest hotel on the Island. They have a great beach. Elbow beach is very nice also.

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