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Don Dec 29th, 2001 07:25 PM

So Much Confusion Where to Go
Hi, we are two couples who are wanting to rent a Villa in the Carribean for a week in mid February. After that, we are really confused. We have the men who want to "dive" and the ladies who want to lay around the pool and eat "bon bons" and read about adventure - emphasis on read!<BR><BR>We are not interested in gambling casinos or dry arid islands - we do like Tortola but wonder if there is another ideal location for us?<BR><BR>Nightlife - with raggae beach bands would be great for a couple of nights and we do like a great rum drink from time to time.<BR><BR>Any suggsstions for an island that would provide all of this??<BR><BR>Belize seems too "laid back" and Caymans seem too "dive" or casino focused.<BR><BR>Thanks, a Wisconsin party animal!

Doug Dec 30th, 2001 10:14 AM

Hey Don, Eleuthera is a good choice for your group as there is something for everyone here. There are no asinos there but plenty of great dive sites and beaches to enjoy including the famous Pink Sands Beach over on Harbour Island. There aare live bands every weekend at the fish fry in Governor's Harbour and then over to Ronnies Sports Bar for drinks and dancing. This can all be done in Eleuthera . Email me for more details, photos and places to stay. Doug

freewoman Dec 30th, 2001 11:00 AM

Grand Cayman has no casinos. You may want to rethink going there. The beaches and water are wonderful. Yes, the diving is some of the best, but believe me that is not all there is to Grand Cayman. They also have some of the best shopping I have found in the Caribbean and some of the best restaurants. Personally, I like to stay at Treasure Island because I travel there alone and I feel comfortable and safe there alone. (However, I don't think I would feel unsafe anywhere on the island.) Treasure Island has a neat little band that plays nightly at the lobby bar and a great pool to read by. Plus it is walking distance to quite a few places (even tho I always rent a car because it is an easy island to run around and explore).<BR><BR>There are also quite a few villas and houses for rent. Have never stayed at Rum Point but have been told it is a great area to rent a house.<BR><BR>The ladies should be quite content with what they have to offer and if the men have never dived Cayman, they surely don't want to miss it.

Lori Dec 30th, 2001 01:01 PM

I agree with the Caymans.....they NO casinos and some of the best beaches. 7 mile beach is the absolute best for laying on the beach, people watching and reading. The water is crystal clear and calm and is just like a giant swimming pool. You can simply walk into the ocean with your snorkel gear from many spots off of 7mb and see an incredible underwater world.<BR><BR>Rum Point is another place to lay around on the beach and eat "bon bons" or perhaps enjoy rum drinks, outdoor bbq jerk pork & chicken, or a cheeseburger and lisening to great regae music!<BR><BR>The guys will have a great time diving with approx. 150 dive sites on the Cayman... some of the best in the world. Not to mention world famous, Stingray City -you can dive or snorkel with dozens of southern stingrays -it's awesome to see those creatures so close and to feed them and touch them.<BR><BR>Cayman has many great restaurant to fit all budgets - (I'm already thinking abou the incredible food I experiences during my last two trips). I can recommend a few nice restaurants if you like. My idea of a great vacation is laying on the beach, snorkelling and some diving then enjoying a nice meal oceanside with friends and a bottle of fine wine!!!!!!!<BR><BR>Not much nitelife in Cayman but there are a few places that you would like. Royal Palms is a typical beach air and 15 feet away from the caribbean ocean - great view and great rum drinks on a lazy afternoon. Also, on certain nights they have live reggae bands playing - drinking and dancing under the stars!!!!<BR><BR>I think that you would really like Grand Cayman.... you can also rent a condo or villa located right on 7mb - OCEANFRONT!<BR><BR>Let us know what you decide!<BR><BR>Lori

Penney Dec 30th, 2001 02:58 PM

There are some really wonderful villas to rent in JAmaica - super nightlife, beautiful beaches to just "Veg" on but also some of the clearest and most beautiful waters (in NEgril)in the Caribbean for the men to go diving or snorkliing. There are numerous villas in Jamaica to rent.<BR><BR>Try <BR>also<BR><BR>I also would suggest the out island - can not get any more relaxing then those islands! And the CAymens

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