Snorkeling Gear and St. Thomas

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Snorkeling Gear and St. Thomas

I am going to the Renisance in St.Thomas. They said that they have snorkeling gear that we could use for free. Should I buy my own anyway? Does anyone have recomendations on the type of gear and prices if I should buy?
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I would recommend buying your own. Avoid the mass marketers, such as Wal*Mart, etc., where you can't try on the mask. To me, the most important thing is a good-fitting mask. One persistent leak because it doesn't fit properly and your snorkeling experience is ruined. Try a divers' shop and ask their advice. One good name is U.S. Divers, but again, avoid if it is prepackaged. As I recall, my entire set was well under $100, but you don't have to spend even that much. (I spent extra on my mask to get a great fit so that I could wear my contact lenses underneath.) We rented equipment ONCE and I'd not do that again -- I like to know where that snorkel mouthpiece has been. Have fun! (I envy you -- I'm not heading down that way until this time next year!)
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was at renaissace last year. used their snorkel equipment no problem. just be sure to request what you need as soon as you arrive
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CJ is right! Most places just dunk that gear in fresh water, sometimes with a little toothpaste (to keep masks clear).

USDiver is a great brand, as is Sherwood. If you live in a small town like I do, buy your mask & snorkel in St. Thomas - much, much cheaper. If you live near the ocean or a major body of water (or want to shop the web), buy it here.

You are probably ok renting fins, if you do not wear a common shoe size, but definitely, do not use a public snorkel for sanitary reasons. Mask styles and masks made by different manufacturers will fit you differently - follow CJ's advice and buy your own for the right fit. You will not be comfortable if the mask floods everytime you use it.
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Thanks for jogging my memory -- Sherwood is the company that makes my mask & it's great!

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