Sleep Inn on Grand Cayman and money question

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Sleep Inn on Grand Cayman and money question

I'm looking at going to Grand Cayman with my wife at the end of September. We are not too picky about staying in a fancy hotel, just somewhere safe and clean. Can someone give any experience with the Sleep Inn on Grand Cayman? <BR> <BR>Also, I've always heard that the Cayman Islands were expensive to visit. I have airfare and hotel already covered. I plan on snorkling, lots of sightseeing, and relaxing. My wife and I don't have to drink alcohol or eat at five star restaurants. Given these considerations, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to get away with about $500 for five days worth of cheap dining, tours, etc. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks! <BR> <BR>Brandon
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Brandon, <BR>The first thing you have to remember is our $1 is only worth 80 cents down there. So your $500 is really only $400 on Gc. The Sleep Inn is one of the cheaper places to stay, and it's not bad. They also serve a complimentary breakfast there! Food and drink is very expensive on the island. Even for cheap meals, you'll be spending major $$. Most people opt for condos there so you can fix meals in the condo and it saves from eating all meals out. <BR>I would suggest taking your own snorkel gear with you. That will save lots of money. Average rental there is $15. If you do the Stingray City Tour (which is a must do!!) that runs about $65 per person. Hope this gave you some idea of how much things will cost. It's worth every penny!! <BR>Sandy
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Sandy gives great advice she helped me with my trip that I got back from this past Monday. <BR>You seem to have the right requirements for doing Cayman on a budget. I am not sure what part of the island your hotel is on but if you are on SMB I can give you some good cheaper places. <BR> <BR>We went snorkeling 1/2 day with Bob Soto's Divers. it was a 1/2 day trip and it was $30. They picked us up at our hotel and dropped us back off. It was worth every penny. The full day trips are more and they usually offer a lunch as well. They also gave us equipment to use and we didnt have to rent. The boat wasn't swanky but the crew was very nice and they take you to 3 different stops. It was the best thing we did while on the island. <BR> <BR>I would also suggest packing a inflatable raft if you have the space. The sun is so hot that there is nothing better then floating out on the water for the better part of the afternoon. <BR> <BR>I am not sure what part of the US you are fro mbut I am withing 45 minutes of NYC and I visit there often and didnt think that Cayman was that expensive. You just need to be careful of drinks especially. At $10 a drink it adds up quickly. Taxi rides can also be expensive at about $3 per person and your only going less then a mile. But for us since we only needed a car at night to go to dinner it didnt pay to rent a car for $30 per day. But if you can and have time rent a car for a day and explore the other beaches. I didnt and wish I had time. <BR> <BR>My budget was $600 dollars for 4 nights and 3 days. I came home with $150 and I ate in restaurants where the check split 3 ways was around $45 dollars a person, so we spent alot of money on dinner. We had complimentary breakfast so thats a great way to save. <BR>The last day I also did a bit of shopping and spent about $100 on presents. And charged a large amount of cigars (I didnt just admit to smuggling did I?). Oh and another great deal is the duty free liquor. If you dont mind carrying it through the airport save some money for that. <BR>But I think if your careful you should be able to do it for that much. They do have fast food restaurants on the island and they are cheap if you want to do lunch there. <BR>Good luck and if you need any more help dont hesitate to e-mail. <BR>You will have a great time <BR>JK
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One thing I highly recommend is Captain Marvin's snorkel trip. <BR>We did the full day and it was AMAZING. Totally worth the price. 4 snorkel stops, including one to get your own conch shell and one at of course Stingray City. The lunch they serve is great - they pull up to a beach and serve mahi mahi. If you got a conch shell, they will clean it for you and serve the conch in this tasty marinated sauce as an appetizer for lunch. Given your price range, this is an excellent way to spend the entire day having a great time for only $60 - lunch included! <BR>
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Brandon, <BR> <BR>My husband & I were in Grand Cayman this time last year. We found the food to be expensive. One of the dive masters told us about a little place called the Edge. We ate there for lunch 3 of our seven vacation days. We always ate at the tables outside on the deck, which was right on the beach. It was basic beans, rice and fish and after a morning of snorkeling at The Cove it was good and very relaxing. There's also a small place, Eats, that has basic American fare, i.e. burgers and pizza. It was always crowded, but not too long of a wait; good service and a clean place. I received that tip from another message board and it worked out great also. <BR> <BR>Hope you all have a great trip.

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