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Cindy Frank Sep 13th, 2002 05:38 PM

Should we goto Beaches??
Help!!! We have a trip planned for the week of Thanksgiving 2002 at Turks and Caicos at the Beaches Resort. We have a 12 year old daughter and are staying in the Presidential Suite. I am reading all the reviews and I am a nervous wreck. We are spending a great deal of money and I am reading very poor reviews. We also have the opportunity to switch to Beaches in Negril. Does anyone know if one is better than the other. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Lori Sep 14th, 2002 05:43 AM

My husband and I stayed at Beaches T&C in Jan. 2 years ago. We had no problem with the place. We got a very good deal on a special they were running at the time. Perhaps someone else can offer inputs on the one in Negril, and how they may compare. Depends what you are looking for, it is a quiet Island, a very nice beach, the resort did lack adult entertainment. There seeme to be some sort of "magic show" every night geared for children. It is a super family resort. We went to bed early, after a week I was ready to come home. I can tell you since we got a special we thought it was o.k. for what we paid. If we had paid the regular price we both said we would not have thought it was worth the full price.The reosrt is well maintained, the food is o.k. it was above some other AL we have vacationed to in the past. I probably would not go back a second time cause I find T&C to somewhat quiet for myself. (That is just my opinion.) If you are looking for R&R, rest it is certainly the place to go. There is very little shopping, to go. If you are scuba divers it is great cause the price included diving as well.

Cheryl Sep 14th, 2002 06:40 PM

Hello,<BR>I have been to both Beaches Negril and Beaches T & C. I very much enjoyed both resorts and didn't have any problems at either. In my opinion Beaches T & C was a little bit better due to the stunning beach and the wicked snorkeling right off the shore. Other than that they are very comparable food, service, resort activities etc, etc. I would go back to Beaches T&C in a second if I could afford it. If you have any other specific questions please ask.

Lily Sep 15th, 2002 05:46 AM

We stayed at Beaches T & C last April and had a wonderful time! It is a great place for kids. I think your 12 year old will love it. My 13 year old son had such a good time. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Mindy Sep 20th, 2002 12:57 PM

We vacationed at Beaches Turks in July with our 16 year old son and his friend. We had a fantastic trip. The beach is the most spectacular we have ever seen. The snorkeling at the reef just down the beach (10 minute walk) is wonderful. We also did a 1/2 day tour that included shelling, snorkeling, and iguana island. It was well worth the money. The food at Beaches is not spectacular. The children more than happy with it. We are from the Chicago area, however, and have access to some of the world's finest restaurants and that is not what you will find at Beaches. We were not unhappy with the food however, as that is not what we went for. The staff was fairly friendly, and our room was in the French Village and was the nicest room we have ever had at a Beaches or a Sandals. You will need to get the best seats near the pools early in the morning. Even though we were in the French Village, we spent our days near the pool where water volleyball and other activities are held. Make your dinner reservations for all restaurants on the night you arrive. Enjoy your trip. We too read all of the negative reviews and did not experience any of the problems I read about. Enjoy your trip! We hope to return to Turks next summer.

Penney Sep 20th, 2002 02:08 PM

We too have been to Beaches and while we big end up having a wonderful time, we did run into problems but had to do with reservations - not getting the room that we paid for but we were compensated. My sister too, as a matter of fact, was jsut there in April and she too had trouble with her reservations but thus got a better room so go figure! If in the even that something does go wrong, make alot of noise - sounds aggrevating but the loud ones seem to get results plus some!<BR><BR>The resort itself is beautiful and so terrific for kids. The beach is absolutely wonoderful - bluest water youwill ever see and so clear and calm. Great activites for kids and the food was excellent.<BR><BR>We have not been to Beaches Negril (but to Sandals Negril) and Negril is a terrific area and the people, we have found, are alot friendly in Jamaica. People in Turks were rather blah - did their jobs and let it at that. The people in Jamaica are very friendly and out going and thus went the extra mile which was nice.<BR><BR>Either way, I do not think you have to worry. The Presidental Suites are very nice and spacious and the concierge service is a nice perk - do remember to aks for your bottled water and robes!<BR><BR>Enjoy!!<BR><BR>Penney

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