Shoal Bay Hotel/Resort

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Shoal Bay Hotel/Resort

Has anyone stayed at or heard anything about Shoal Bay Hotel/Resort? I don't see it listed on or I just keep seeing Shoal Bay Villas. The resort's website looks great and we've heard that the beach at Shoal Bay is beautiful. We're considering this place because it's reasonably priced, has a nice looking, big pool and nice beach. Any recommendations?
Also, any advice on flying from NY directly into St. Maarten and taking the ferry across to Anguilla in order to save money - as opposed to a direct flight to Anguilla?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Have seen Shoal Bay Beach Hotel and in my opinion it is the best property on Shoal Bay beach east. I have a review on another web site. If you e-mail me I will provide you with the info
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Hi Russ! We took the ferry from St. Maarten to Anguilla. It saved us a few bucks, but the ride over was a bit rough, at least for me. We were in the lower level of the ferry towards the front. A few times I thought my stomach was going to give out on me. It was a 25 minute ride that I could not wait to end. On the way back, however, I had no problem. My husband suspects my upset tummy going over was due to a long day of traveling and a relatively empty stomach. We saw the Shoal Bay Villas while driving around the island one day. Actually stopped for lunch at a beach restaurant next door. The one thing that struck me was how small the beach area was compared to where we were staying - Meads Bay. I also did not like that you had to be careful about which beach chairs you used because some were owned by people who charged a fee to use them. JUst FYI on that point, so just make sure you use Shoal Bay Villas equipment! Have a wonderful trip. Anguilla is fantastic!
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Hi Russ, unlike above, we had no problem taking the ferry either way. Guess it depends on the individual and the sea conditions.

We chose to fly into St. Martin b/c we got a good deal on a direct flight from JFK.

Didn't stay at SBBH, but heard good things about it. Beach is nice, though not the best on the island. Be sure to have lunch at Uncle Ernie's and meet Roger (Pressure King). He's a kind man, has a great sense of humor, and is full of advice on the island.

Bob Green hosts a great Check it out!
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Hi Russ, I have some input that you may or may not want to hear about Shoal Bay Beach Hotel, there is a difference between them and their next door nieghbor, Shoal Bay Beach Villas. We have been to this Island in 2000, stayed on Meads Bay and in 2002 at SBBH. WE chose this location on the 2nd trip because of the beautiful beach!! WE paid the premium for SBBH best room, to put it bluntly, overpriced in need of renovation and better cleaning. Because we encounted some rainy days we found nothing to do at this location, and we were not thrilled with the room. The location and proximity to the beach is the selling point. They completed some property upgrading/renovation just months before we arrived, so the pool is lovely and convenient. There is no lobby to lounge in, so your choice is the room, the pool or the beach, all fine and great if the weather is perfect for the 10 days we were there. Also, if the lady who runs the pool side bar/bistro makes it over to run it from St.Martin, it is good and fun to enjoy that. But she didn't show at all when it rained and opens it whenever she gets there! Naturally, Ernies is there, thank goodness, and it is fun and good too. It really will depend on what your preferences are, how clean and attractive of a room(for the $) you are looking for. We visited the property next door and they graciously showed us each and every open room, all were much cleaner and kept up with than ours and less expensive. There are so many properties to choose from and of course endless gorgeous beaches, the best food you can imagine on this tiny gem of an island, we just love it. We have stopped in to see in person at least a dozen of the many choices and ate out each meal, different all the time. Never had a bad meal either trip. I know Howard always posts in favor of SBBH, but I strongly disagree with him. I really do not read this boad very ofter(it has been since last August actually)but I am in the process of planning the rest of this years vacations and always dream of Anguilla. Do go there and enjoy yourself but research!! One board that has helped me in the past month is I have not looked up Anguilla on it, but sure there must be posts. Goood luck and since this is lenghthy, I will over the next week or so check back if you have questions about SBBH. They by the way refused to let us check out without losing the entire amount of the room, even though I offered a couple nights to pay. We left for one night and spent our 6th year anniversary some where else, cost us for two rooms, but we had a fabulous anniversary regardless!! Happy trails! p.s. Ferry is rough or smooth depending on weather/waves.
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