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bb Apr 24th, 2000 10:13 AM

searching for paradise!
hi. any advice on which island offers the most picture perfect beaches. 3 35yr old woman traveling late july for 3-4 nights looking for WHITE, WHITE sand and TURQUOISE water beaches. as much luxury as we can find in a hotel for about $150-$300/night. THANKS!!!

Peggy Apr 24th, 2000 12:10 PM

I would recommend Barbados. All beaches have the sand and sea you are looking for and they are all free and public. Can't go wrong. <BR>Also, Bonaire is on my top list too! Crystal turquoise sea! Not much to do, but diving/snorkeling is awesome!

stacy Apr 25th, 2000 01:50 PM

A-HA! I knew I would find your message! Keep up the good work my little busy bee!

len Apr 26th, 2000 12:33 PM

<BR>we have been to anguilla, nevis, antigua, st john , st thomas,virgin gorda, tortola, and anegada. of these <BR>we feel anguilla has the most spectacular beaches , shoal bay was our favorite, anegada was second at cow wreck, magical!

Diane Apr 27th, 2000 07:00 PM

I second the Anguilla recommendation. Shoal Bay is the most perfect beach I've ever visited. Big enough for the illusion that it's "yours", but with nice friendly beach restaurants and bars and social opportunities!

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