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Missy Aug 4th, 1998 07:03 AM

Sans Souci Lido or Couples? Help me decide please!!!
Hi, its me again! I apologize for posting so many messages on virtually the same thing, but this is driving me crazy!! If you read my earlier posts, you know that I am torn between Sans Souci and Couples. For me the pros at Sans Souci are: the spa treatments, the mineral spring pool, the waiters on the beach, the room service and basically being pampered so you never want to leave!! The only con I can think of is the price, BUT we dont mind spending extra money IF it is worth it. For me the pros for Couples are: the price, the horseback riding (not a real big thing, but it would be nice to have our pictures taken and explore a little on horseback - I dont even know if my husband will do this because he took care of horses when he was little and doesnt like them too much!), the FREE trip to Dunns River, the catermaran cruise and I have heard that the wedding they give you is great. The cons are, of course, that they dont have a spa! I am willing to pay for massages every day (since we would have all that extra money if we went here instead of to Sans Souci!) IF they are any good. And they do not have that mineral spring pool. Also I dont how the two compare as far as scenery, layout of the resort, etc. because I have never been to either one. Please, please help me decide! <BR>

crystal Aug 10th, 1998 09:26 AM

Dear Missy, <BR>I haven't read any other of your questions. <BR>I am a former travel agent and visited all of the <BR>Super Clubs in Jamaica. <BR>I will give you my opinion, when we set the date <BR>for our wedding, I am booking Sans Souci immediatly!!!!! <BR>It was a beautiful, plush resort. Some of the resort is located on a cliff with a massage gazebo looking over the crashing waves. And the other part is on the inlet beach with dinner and dancing on the sand. <BR>To me it could not get any more romantic...... <BR>The staff was ever so helpful, yet unseen unless needed. <BR>As for Couples I've never seen nor booked anyone. <BR>I hope this gives you an idea, Good Luck! <BR>

Missy Aug 11th, 1998 06:53 AM

Crystal, thank you for writing back. I am about 95% sure that we will go to Sans Souci - its just that I heard all these great things about the weddings at Couples and I want to renew my vows while on vacation. You have helped me a lot though because you let me know how beautiful it is there. Let me know how they do your wedding - when do you think it will be? I have not heard one thing (good or bad) about the weddings at Sans Souci. Oh, well I know that it will be a fabulous vacation and I cant wait!! We are either going in January or February. Thanks again! <BR>

janine Aug 11th, 1998 07:04 AM

<BR>New review on Sans Souci on

GS Aug 22nd, 1998 08:51 PM

Stay at Sans Souci - it is a nice location and the food is good. Dont worry about the other trips that Couples includes - you will be able to arrange the same trips without any problems and without much cost. There are numerous places for horseback riding although there is one that has the best reputation. Of course I cannot remember the name but I think if you do some checking you can get the name of the place. I personally did not care for the rooms at couples the last time I visited (Which admittedly was a few years ago I dont know if they have updated recently).

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