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Kelly Apr 12th, 2000 10:03 AM

Sandals Negril or Sandals Royal Bahamian or Sandals Halcyon St. Lucia
Hello, <BR>My fiance and I are having a really hard time deciding where to go on our honeymoon in late October. What is most important to us are the beaches. We would really like to see white sand beaches with clear/clean blue water that is good for swimming (without big surf). We also would like to do some site seeing and feel safe. Site seeing is not our main priority. We like to hike and bike, but mostly we want to go to relax. We are not the kind of people who like to party all nite long. We are both 25 yrs. old. So far Jamaica sounds like it has the nicest beaches, but we are worried about what it would be like outside of the resort. We thought St. Lucia had a nice atmosphere, but the beaches are not really white, like we are looking for. And the Royal Bahamian sounds too crowded. The staff didn't sound too helpful there either. We are not golfers. We would really enjoy snorkelling and Kayaking, possibly deep sea fishing. Well, that's about it. Any comments, good and bad, will be appreciated. Thanks!!!

Kim Apr 12th, 2000 01:47 PM

Hello Kelly, We just returned from the Royal Bahamian on Feb 13 of this year. <BR>The resort is beautiful but the beach is very little. If beach is what you are looking for Negril is the place to go. We were there last Feb and are planning on returning there next Feb to renwe our <BR>25th wedding ann vows. The weather in Jamaica is much warmer, the weather in the Bahamas is not very warm in Oct maybe 70's. The weather is always very warm in Jamaica 80's most of the time. <BR>Negril is the place to go the people are great, food good and the resort is beautiful. If you would like specifics about the resorts please feel free to email me. <BR>

Henry Apr 12th, 2000 03:39 PM

Kelly: <BR>I agree with Kim - Sandals Negril is the place to go. The beach is beautiful white sand and the water is crystal clear. We just returned from there a couple of weeks ago from our second stay. The beaches are not crowded and the food is great. I posted a trip report last week. If you can't find it, let me know and I will email it to you. <BR>

van Apr 15th, 2000 06:46 PM

Hi kelly.My husband and i went to sandals Halcyon in febuary for our honeymoon.We were very disgusted to be welcomed with racial discrimination from their so called profesional staff.Anyway,apart from that it was not as nice as it is advertised in their brochures.Their rooms were very old and squashed.If u have ant queiries please feel free to email me.Oh by the way the beaches in st lucia had brownish sand but the climate is good.Bye for now.

Jeff May 14th, 2000 02:12 PM

I would recommend that you loook into Sandals in Negril. I have been to Negril and loved it. Wonderful beaches, shopping within walking distance and lots of nice side trips that you can take. St. Lucia beaches do not sound as nice as those in Negril.

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