Sandal's Dunn's River & Beaches Negril

Jun 16th, 1998, 02:13 PM
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Sandal's Dunn's River & Beaches Negril

I am going to be getting married at Beaches Negril, and then we will honeymoon at Sandals Dunn's River. After reading the postings, I'm having mixed feelings. I'm getting the idea that Jamaica can be dangerous. However, we plan to stay at the resort only (I realize many people disapprove of this) but we are not very adventurous, and we really like to go on vacation to just plant ourselves and relax. We find that for us, learning how to negotiate unfamiliar roads, exchange money, fight crowds, stand in line for attractions, etc. is stressful. So we have visions of ourselves doing nothing everyday except lounging on the beach with umbrella'ed drinks, and lounging in the piano bar or night club at night. Based on this, is Sandals for us? Will we still be approached on the beach by vendors, etc.? I realize these people are trying to make a living, but if my whole purpose to be there in the first place is to relax, I don't want to be interrupted if I just want to sunbathe quietly or read a book in order to unwind. Also, I would appreciate comment on the bus ride from the airport to Negril, and I heard the beach at Dunn's River is not very nice... Can someone elaborate?

Thank you very much.
Jun 18th, 1998, 08:25 AM
Gil Slater
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My wife and I spent a week at Dunn's River in May and enjoyed every minute of our stay. We only left the resort for shopping and a visit to the Falls. We thought the beach was good and all services to be top shelf with the staff being extremly helpful. The drive from the airport was interesting mainly because of the driving on the other side of the road.
Overall I would rate the Dunn's River Resort very high.
Jun 18th, 1998, 10:35 AM
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Yes, I think Sandals is perfect for you. If you aren't very interested in going outside the resort...there is plenty for you to do (all included!) at the you can "venture out" and shuttle to Sandals Ocho Rios to play there too and try both resorts restaurants. At Sandals, there are social times with lots of activities or... lots of quiet, romantic places to just relax and enjoy each others company. But be a little adventerous and at least check out Dunn's River Falls...and maybe check out a straw market during the day!
Jun 20th, 1998, 06:10 PM
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My wife and went to Dunn's River Sandals in April
"we love It". No money needed. Everything was included. Great food, serivce and entertainmet.
Some people are wimps when it comes to another country.We thought the people of Jamaica were the best part of our trip. Really friendly and nice.Sure
some people are trying to sell you things out on the
street, but thier poor and you would do the same thing if you were in thier situation. We went out of
the resort, even though at Sandals everything you need is there. They have strick security. I felt alot safer in Jamaica than anywhere that I have been
in the U.S. some people think that if you are poor
your going to rob them. Wake up American Wimps, this
is how most of the world lives. We loved Sandals and
the Jamaican people at the resort and outside of the
Jun 21st, 1998, 05:45 AM
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Eric, I couldn't agree with you more! I've never stayed at Sandal's, although the property looks great and people I know who've stayed there loved it. Some of my best friends in Jamaica are vendors from that area and they are the reason we keep returning to Jamaica. Some people really dislike the vending aspect and maybe Jamaica isn't for them, but for me it works!
Jul 30th, 1998, 03:40 PM
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we have travelled throughout the Caribbean including Nassau, Freeport, Barbados, St. Lucia and Jamaica. Our last four - and most enjoyable - vacations have been in Jamaica - at Sandals resorts.
You wont find anyone more friendly than the Jamaican people. They are warm, outgoing and hospitable - those who are fortunate enough to work at Sandals are real ambassadors for thier country. In the same sense that there are parts of L.A ,New York or Toronto that you wouldnt wander around in at night, there are parts of Ocho Rios or Montego Bay that you'd be wise to stay away from as well - we have never had a bad experience in Jamaica - just use your common sense and everything will be "no problem mon"
Have agreat trip !
Aug 23rd, 1998, 04:59 PM
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You will love Sandal's Dunn's River! My husband and I just returned from there and it was fabulous. Based on what you described, it is exactly what you're looking for. We didn't have any problems with safety in Jamaica. We stayed mostly on the property. We only went out for dinner to Sandal's Ocho Rios and to the craft market.
I recommend going to the Ocho Rios craft market. It's really fun and they take American money. Make sure you bring smaller denominations because sometimes you might get Jamaican dollars in change. This only happened once for us and we bought a lot of stuff.
I also recommend going to the piano bar at Sandal's Dunn's River from which is open from 11pm to 1am. They have songbooks to sing from and the pianist is a real nice guy and will play whatever you request.
If you have any questions about Sandal's Dunn's River, fell free to e-mail me.
I hope this helps you out.
P.S. Try the jerk chicken and the beef patties at the beach grill at SDR. They are great.
Aug 25th, 1998, 03:26 PM
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You might be okay if you just stay on the resort and DON'T leave it. I honeymooned at Sandals Negril and made the error of venturing out with my husband one day. I'll spare you the details, but the natives swarmed us, and frankly, having traveled ALL over the Carribean, they could Flush Jamaica into the Carribean TOILET, and we'd all be better off. You don't want to go somewhere to get married where you're going to have ANY aggrevations. Sandals was nice at Negril, but they ran a "room-upgrade" scam, that I could give you more details on if you're interested. I'm hardly an "American whimp," but I'll be damned if I'm going to be threatened or feel unsafe while on vacation ever again. My suggestions would be the British Virgin Islands, Aruba, St. John, or Key West. Avoid Jamaica and everything that goes along with it. Melody
Aug 25th, 1998, 05:01 PM
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Melody, boo..hiss...
It sounds like you had a really bad visit to Jamaica. I just returned from my 8th visit and am still feeling the positive vibes of the place. I too, have
traveled somewhat through the Caribbean and Jamaica is my favorite destination. In fact, Sherrie, some of my best friends in the world live very near Sandal's Dunn's River. Last week, I traveled with a girlfriend to Ocho Rios and Mammee Bay and had the time of our lives and never felt the least bit hassled or in danger. Sherrie, have a great wedding and honeymoon, and enjoy the good choices you've made regarding your marriage. Best wishes!
Aug 28th, 1998, 04:11 PM
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Sherrie, please be sure to read the posting "Jamaica Sucks". It has some interesting news for you to take heed of.
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