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Patty Mar 13th, 1998 10:38 AM

Sandals Antigua - any opinions?
Thinking of going to Sandals Antigua for 1st anniversary in October. We honeymooned in Hawaii - it was great but the 12+ hour trek from NYC is a bummer. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

leslie Mar 13th, 1998 01:49 PM

I haven't been to this one, but I've heard nothing but great things about it...our travel agent said if she had to pick one place to go for a romantic getaway it would be Sandals Antigua and she would stay in the ocean front rondoval rooms. She's been everywhere, so I would take that as a good referral. We hope to visit there soon, but are planning a trip to St. Lucia Halcyon Sandals resort for September. Have fun!!!

CAT Mar 16th, 1998 06:11 AM

Travel agents get bigger kickbacks from selling Sandals vacations, so take your agent's opinions with a grain of salt.

Bad first-hand review of Sandals Antigua on Caribbean Travel Forum.

jeffcanuck Jul 31st, 1998 04:33 PM

Have read the bad review that is referred to in another response and would certainly hope that this guy will be good to his word and NOT go to another Sandals resort...because I fully intend to go to all of the other properties ( have been to 5 so far) and lord knows that I dont want to meet up with ANYONE who's got a totally unrealistic attitude towards Caribbean destinations on one of my trips. <BR>Hope his next vacation is to a nice one star resort in Acapulco where he's told by a local that the waters just fine and ends up 'aztec-two-stepping' for the rest of his holiday ! <BR> <BR>

Horst Aug 2nd, 1998 04:39 PM

We have been in several Sandals (Jamaica-Negril-Ocho Rios, both places in St. Lucia and Antigua. While all have their plusses-- Antigua had the best beached. We also felt safer there when leaving the compound site and going to St. Johns. I would highly recommend it.

Gwen Aug 21st, 1998 12:18 PM

We went to Antigua in October of 1997 and loved it. This was our third visit to a Sandals resort. It is very beautiful with an amazing beach. with respect to the negative review mentioned here - while I did agree with his points on some of the wine, the food was not as bad in our opinion. It was not the best of the Sandals as remember everything is imported, but was very good and well prepared. They have fine inexpensive wine on the list but if you are a wine snob you will be disappointed. The people of Antigua are the nicest we have met. They are shy and reserved but very nice once you get to know them. You will be approached on the beach but a smile and no thanks is all that's needed if you're not interested. The water sports guys were the nicest we have encountered at Sandals. The five pools made it easy to find a quiet spot. St.John's is a very nice city and safe. All in all it is a great resort and a perfect place for a honeymoon. <BR>

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