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palmtree2384 Jun 7th, 2008 10:34 AM

RWI vs. T&C Club?
I have narrowed it down to both of these, but there are things with both places that I have heard of that makes me unsure. I have heard there is a lot of construction going on around T&C club. I have heard people are unfriendly at both. T&C beach is supposed to be quieter. Grounds nicer at RWI? RWI is going to be about 1,000 dollars less. T&C seems like it should be nicer and quieter, but with construction noise I am unsure? We won't be going until next April. For our 25th anniversary. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

travelerfromtx Jun 9th, 2008 06:38 PM

Have you considered Villa Renaissance? It's been getting rave reviews on Trip Advisor lately, and several trip reports have said the service is great...the kind that's there when you need it but not intrusive. I haven't stayed there but considered it before our trip so I researched it. It's a boutique-type luxury resort with only 36 rooms. We wanted a place with more kids, but I know from your other posts that it's your 25th anniversary so not many kids will be a plus for you. The price will be somewhere between RWI and T&C Club (closer to RWI price than T&C Club). It doesn't have an onsite restaurant but is within walking distance to several restaurants. BTW, T&C will be a great place to celebrate your anniversary whichever resort you choose. We loved our trip there. Good luck in your decision.

palmtree2384 Jun 10th, 2008 04:45 PM

Oh boy! Now I am having an even harder time deciding on which place to stay?? RWI, T&C Club and Villa Renaissance??

travelerfromtx Jun 10th, 2008 07:20 PM

Oops!! My bad!!

blamona Jun 11th, 2008 05:57 AM

People are firendly at all 3!

For your uncertainties-I would choose Villa Renaissance-it's a gorgeous property, very quiet, beautiful pool, and while they don't have a restaurant, it's walking distance to numerous places. RWI won't be quiet-it's gotten really popular.

T&C Club may or may not have Toscana next to it being built, depending on how that property sells.

RWI also has some construction next to it-Villa Del Mar, and Grace Bay Club, but GBC should be wrapping up by now.

VR sounds perfect for you!

Asiachick Jun 14th, 2008 02:36 PM

Hi we were there last Sept. WOW was it hot! We stayed at a beachfront condo at RWI that I found thru VRBO. The owner said there was no construction, when we got there, it was goin on next door. Mostly just constant hammering but sometimes very loud bangs. This bummed me out cos I wanted to sit on the balcony in the morn while my hub was scuba diving and just relax. The owner said we could come back at half price another time.

About the beach though, Grace Bay was really beaut but sometimes locals would come and were VERY LOUD, sometimes lotsa kids. The grounds were nice by the pool but not spectacular, I had nice night swims. The beach is great, the water is all kinds of blues you've never seen and tranquil water, but once you turn and look back you see lotsa construction. It kinda ruined it for me. When we got bored we went over to the resorts next door.

PandyB Jun 15th, 2008 05:51 PM

Would recommend Turks & Caicos Club as it has a restaurant, nice rooms, great stretch of beach and next to the reef and nice staff (good restaurant too.) RWI can be noisy next to Club Med and has fewer rooms with ocean views. Construction is not a problem at tcclub. Think you'd enjoy it. Villa Renaissance is a condo and so is RWI.

bfree Jun 16th, 2008 12:31 AM

RWI is a great hotel... we stayed there after leaving club med

Upon entering Club Med Turks you sit down and watch a presentation given by the staff counselors about how the hotel camp is run and where all the activities on the property are located. During this time the luggage is taken in golf carts and is supposed to be left outside the room (if you can call it that). No one really likes their bags to be out of their sight anyway so this whole process is completely backwards. Our bags, however, were left at the base of the outdoor staircase and from there we had carry them up a flight of stairs to the room. Obviously this is not a huge deal, just a little inconvenient. The rooms are located in 3 story buildings that would best be described as appearing as 1970’ low income projects that are painted bright colors.
The room … on the other hand was a little more than a little appalling. I will start at the entrance of the room and work my way forward. The door- the door only has a push in lock (like the one you find in a some bathrooms). There is no deadbolt, or even chain lock once you are inside the room. On the right is an old timey window that has 3 slits that open and close (not very well). Because of these antiquated windows the room gets fairly humid when it rains and doesn’t stay too cool (this could also be the poor A/C unit). One of our rooms had a broken A/C unit but the front desk at Club Med Turks and Caicos stated it was not broken. On the window base was a blackish colored mold that was accented very well with the mold that was growing on the window treatments. On the left was the commode that was in a little room by itself (no A/C so make it quick- it gets hot, and because there is a widow that opens to the outside walkway its always nice to think that the people walking by are going to hear you as you go. The next door on the left was the door to the sink and shower. Ill be honest this part of the room looked nice. Too bad that only lasted so long until you actually try to utilize any part of the bathroom. The bathroom door didn’t close because it appeared that when they remolded it and added a little 6-inch deep table they forget to factor in the door actually closing… The shower was also nice looking but unfortunately when you take a shower plan on taking a cold one because the water keeps CHANGING FROM HOT TO COLD the whole time so setting it to cold, while not ideal, will at least keep at one temperature.
As you entered the room further the room opened up to a “king size” bed and 2 nightstands and a wall unit with closet space and a desk, tv and mini refrigerator. I say “king size” because the room can have 2 twins and in that case they take off the top sheet and comforter separate the twins, place the nights stands on the inside of the beds and viola there’s your double. This also means that the king size bed can be a touch uncomfortable if you plan to sleep near the middle. Our comforter had what appeared to be blood stains on the underside of it. When sleeping in a hotel I try not to think about the last person who slept in the bed as the top comforter is almost never washed but at Club Med Turks and Caicos this is all I could ponder when I saw this – not a good image to have. Another little bit of advise for staying at Club Med Turquoise is to make absolutely sure that you have no sand on you when you get in your bed, because although he maids do a nice job, the sheets aren’t changed during your stay and the sand builds up pretty quickly. A plus side to this is that by the end of the trip the bed is like your little beach away from the beach. The single fabric chair in the room once again had mold growing on it so I would suggest not sitting on it.
The refrigerator is an enigma… there is nothing in it… no “pay as you go items,” no free items … nothing and the only thing I could think to put in there is bottled water (there are 2 bottles in the room) …. Why didn’t they do it so it is actually cold when you want it (poor upper management)? There also is not a balcony on any of the rooms, you don’t appreciate how much you actually utilize this until you don’t have one. Because of this and the mold on the inside chairs, gross comforter, and not wanting to get the sheets dirty there is nowhere to sit in the room an relax. Oh yeah… if you like sleeping, I know, I’m so lame, but I actually do, then heed this advise, bring your Ambient CR, Tylenol PM or any other sleep aid, because unless the constant Kaboom of bass at 1AM is enjoyable to you it makes falling asleep difficult. In the morning I was awoken on 2 occasions by peaceful sound of the jackhammer outside my door – what a wonderful way to start the day,
Now that I have laid out how unbearable the room is, we will go outside and explore the rest of the camp. But first I want to start with a riddle- When’s an all-inclusive not really and all-inclusive? When you’re at Club Med Turks and Caicos. Sure the liquor is free, if you don’t mind the stuff out of plastic bottles. If you want anything decent, i.e. most of the items they display at the bar you’re going to pay at least 6-12 per shot. Other drinks you pay for are Champagne, VSOP and XO spirits, almost all premium brands, and all wines besides the 3 club med branded wines. I must hand it to club med though, they do a very nice job of presenting these premium alcohols in their bars and it looks very nice in pictures that display the all-inclusive package when you think that these are included – they aren’t, so do keep hoping. When ordering drinks they make it with the “make you sick the next morning liquor” – I warned you. At dinner they have a nice selection of wine just when you walk in, and very quickly a staff member will ask you if you would like to try one… these once again are not included and are very expensive for what they are. Want a light beer? – you are not going to find it at Club Med Turks and Caicos all they have is the local Turks Head branded beer in an amber and lager. On an aside, I found it atrocious and sad when the bar was dispensing the napkins from someone’s wedding with their initials and their wedding date from a couple of days earlier to everyone who was ordering drinks at the bar.
The food …is good. The bread is excellent most of the time. The problem with the food is there is one restaurant and by the 3rd day you feel like your Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Everything is pretty much the same as it was the day before, and you just know that they meat in the pasta sauce at dinner is from the left over hamburgers at lunch. Seating is also a problem there are about 15 tables to eat at outside and if you don’t want to eat right when the meal starts count those tables bye-bye. Now you are stuck eating in the dining room mess hall. There are 3 non air-conditioned rooms with 8-10 person giant round tables and one staff member who is a “host”. If you like eating with random people and random staff members and not having real conversations with the people you are actually with so you can make small talk with someone at your table who you really don’t want there then this style of dining is perfect. A good strategy I learned was to bring a lot of bags and to the meals so we could spread them around the table and tell the host more people were joining us.
There is another restaurant at the hotel but it is only open 3 days a week and one must have reservations to go. The food is no different from the buffet and a good thing to know before making reservations is that the A/C is only turned on 10 minutes before the restaurant opens at 7PM so plan on it being extremely hot! One thing that I have to mention is the all in one automatic coffee/ expresso/ latte machine. There are little Styrofoam cups out next to it… if these cups are used the coffee will overflow and you will have a nice little burn on your hand, like I did when I used it. You must go to a table, take the coffee cup from a place setting and then get coffee with a regular mug. The styrofoam cups have no reason to be where they are and serve little or no value besides making life difficult.
The beach snack shop… opens at 2:30 and stays open for a couple of hours. The pizzas were decent but they are just normal frozen little tiny personal pan pizzas out of a giant Costco sized box that they nuke and then baked. They were out of the conch salad 4 straight days and out of fruit salad for 2 consecutive days… these 2 items were the only lower fat items there so this was disappointing.
The pool… I’ve seen better-kept up pools at Courtyard Marriott. The deck was all cracked and stained. The pool was not inviting to enter as it looked liked it was not resurfaced since the 70’s. There was usually really loud obnoxious music playing, making the pool extremely un-relaxing.
The landscaping… I had not seen so many yellow palm trees until my stay at Club Med Turks and Caicos. This is quite perplexing because walking around all you see in the “gardens” are exposed irrigation cables lying on top of the soil and sand. Some were broken off, so I was not surprised at the dying vegetation by these lines but even the cacti were yellow from lack for proper irrigation. One might think that it was omnipresent on the island, but I can assure that that every other place in the vicinity had flourishing palm trees (I have some pictures at near by hotels to show it) and flora.
The beach… the hotel has a saving grace and it is the beach/ ocean. The ocean is beautiful and amazingly blue. The wood canopies that Club Med Turks and Caicos has spurned out over the beach are an accident waiting to happen. They are unstable, have nails sticking out of them, and are so low as it is easy to sit up and bang your head on a rafter. While sitting in a broken lounge chair under the canopy praying it wound collapse on you be ready to say no about 20 times, because this is just about the number of times per day a native will try to sell you anything ranging from seashells to parasailing rides. Looking out from the beach to the ocean you can see two Club Med Turks and Caicos docks, one where they take out the water activities from and another that is so dilapidated that it is marked off with red caution tape.
The water sport equipment… We went snorkeling and used the Club Med Turks and Caicos snorkeling equipment. The fit of the mask was terrible and actually caused my nose to bleed from the pressure it was placing on it. We also tried kayaking. There were 5 empty kayaks out of the water but no paddles. After talking to a staff member he was able to find 2 more (where were the other 8… poor management), but one of those was cracked. We were hesitant to use it but he reassured us that if anything happened to wave our hands and he would take the motorboat to get us. Within 10 minutes into the trip the paddle broke and after waving our hands like fools for another 10 minutes without anyone coming to us we ended up using our 1 good paddle to return to the beach. That ended our stint of Club Med Turks and Caicos water activates.
Checking out… I do hand it to Club Med Turks and Caicos, when you leave you are ready to go. There is not that separation anxiety that comes about when there is only a day left of a vacation and you want to take in everything because you will miss it. No, at Club Med Turks and Caicos you are ready to leave when the time arises, you actually anticipate leaving and yearn to return home. If you have a late flight plan to pay the $50 for late check out because you will want to change and shower. If not, your luggage needs to be outside your door at 10 AM (who knows when they will actually get it or where it will be or even worse who will go through it or put something in it that you didn’t know would be in there when going through airport security or customs) That is a longtime to have your luggage, your possessions out of your sight and control. Staff members always say how safe it is to leave your luggage out, but then why are there 3 “security guards” that ride on their 10-speed bike around camp.
It comes down to poor upper management at Club Med Turks and Caicos. Because of this the staff is poorly trained and although some are helpful, as a group they come over as a bunch of kids acting as summer counselors for adults. They are not assertive and really do not care if you enjoy your stay or not. We hated our stay, we actually moved to a hotel next door (which was cheaper and so much nicer). Club Med Turks and Caicos refused to give us our money back on our days we did not use. They also start collecting money 6 months ahead of time and charge the credit card incrementally so that the 60-day window that one can file a complaint with the credit card company has passed. Do yourself a favor, if you are not going to spring break or a college booze weekend DO NOT STAY AT CLUB MED TURKS AND CAICOS

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