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andy Mar 7th, 2003 07:12 AM

Restaurant Prices in St.Barts
Can anyone tell me if you can do dinner for 2 people for 7 days on St.Barts for $1500.00.<BR><BR>This is a serious question as someone told me that went years ago told me that they paid $25 for a hamburger....and I am trying to see if the resort I want to stay at ( off season- and it's reasonable) won't be OFFSET by horrendous food prices on the island itself...Resort comes with full breakfast...<BR><BR>All help will be greatly appreciated....

sharona Mar 7th, 2003 08:44 AM

Hi Andy. Yes, you should be able to easily meet your budget providing you don't eat at the high-end restaurants every night. We found restaurant prices on St. Barths to be comparable to a large U.S. city, or for a Caribbean comparable then Anguilla comes to mind. Of course, wine can add substantially to the price of a meal so just take that into consideration, although we found wine prices not to be extravagant. There are quite a number of more casual restaurants with lower prices along the waterfront in Gustavia and scattered a bit throughout the island. Where you might get sticker shock, and this probably goes along with the $25 hamburger you were told about, is what you might have to pay for lunch. You don't say where you are staying but again if you venture into Gustavia there will be reasonable lunch spots. You should be aware that this is a very French island and the resorts, from what we could see, offer the complete dining experience for lunch, i.e., three courses on china with white table cloths. The lunch situation was probably our only complaint about St. Barths. We are used to casual beachfront rib and chicken joints and that seemed to be missing on St. Barths. Then again, perhaps we were simply looking in the wrong place. We stayed at Eden Rock on St. Jean Beach and most of the restaurants on that beach offered larger lunches than we are accustomed to, and more than we wanted to eat, and, truthfully, more than we wanted to pay for lunch. So if you hit Match or the couple of delis on the island to pick up lunch supplies you can keep your costs down considerably. But $1500 for 7 dinners definitely sounds doable.<BR><BR>We loved St. Barths and can't wait to return.

andy Mar 7th, 2003 04:38 PM

Sharona-<BR><BR>THANKS sooooooooooo much- We are looking into Guyanahani (sp.) as a friend stayed there and recommened it highly....<BR><BR>And we got a decent rate for summer that included our air....and full breakfast our main questions were on the price for dinners.....<BR><BR>And now,onto the cost of a car rental ???<BR><BR>Many thanks!

sharona Mar 8th, 2003 05:39 AM

Hi Andy. Me again. I should have given you the URL for a great web site dedicated to St. Barths and that includes a very active forum:<BR><BR><BR><BR>You can probably find a lot of information on that site.

andy Mar 8th, 2003 08:33 AM

Thanks again!!!

caf Mar 9th, 2003 07:40 AM

Your budget is reasonable for dinners, if you don't go crazy on wine--and wine is not a bad deal if you choose French varieties (California wine is a bad deal, in general). Like the other poster here, I'd rather go quick and simple for lunch, and take my time eating dinner. We usually purchase some great French bread, thin sliced ham, cheese, and of course authentic Dijon mustard. You can make a terrific sandwich for lunch. We rent a villa when we go, so we have a kitchen, but you could do the same thing if you at least have a refrigerator.

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