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Rent a villa in Jamaica

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning a family vacations with infants and kids for Caribbean. I'm looking for a place with white sands and calm and warm water.
I saw a few options in Jamaica. Is it a good destination?
Do anybody know if they have good supermarkets to stocking the villa? About the prices? Any ideas?
About security? I would like to rent a car.

I hope someone with expertise can help me!!
Thanks a lot.


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    I'll try to answer your questions:

    1) Is it a good destination? - That really depends on your definition of "good" and what type of vacation you want to experience. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the island every year, a great many rent villas.

    2) Do anybody know if they have good supermarkets to stocking the villa? About the prices? - Yes, there are grocery stores in Jamaica that sell many of the same items you'll find in the stores back home so you'll have no problem stocking your rental villa. How close the store(s) will be to your villa depend on where the one you rent is located. In general, prices for food will be aboutt 20% to 30% higher than you'll find for the same or similar products "back home" (I assume you live in the US). that's because most things have to be imported. You'll find similar prices on any island throughout the caribbean.

    3) About security? - Like anywhere else the level of security can vary. Some villas are in gated communities, some are stand alone., some are near towns others are very remote. And like any other country in the world Jamaica has it's good areas and bad areas. sorry, can't be more specific - Jamaica is a big island (some 4,200 sq. miles with a population of 3 million) so it's difficult;t to give you more precise info without knowing where the villas you are considering are located. That said, if you look at properties in areas frequented by tourists and use the same common sense approach to safety as you do at home you should be fine.

    4) I would like to rent a car - Yes, you can rent a car as do 1,000's of tourists do every month.

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    Jamaica is not a small island.

    Where exactly are you asking about, as far as nearby grocery stores?

    What do you mean by security? Again there is not one answer for an entire island.

    As far as driving, remember it's on the "wrong" side of the road!

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    My experience over many years ( since 1982) of visiting Jamaica, is that supermarkets vary widely depending where you are on the island. Some of them are very small, and may only carry limited amounts - if any - of items you'd use at home. Prices for some items may give you sticker shock.

    Now about security... Again, depends where on the island. Stand-alone villa on the beach? Gated community? Makes a big difference. I would only consider the main tourist areas, and certainly stay away from anything that looks too remote.

    To be honest with you, while I love Jamaica, I would hesitate to rent a villa there with young kids. There are many small boutique hotels in the tourist areas that can offer an intimate experience with the bonus of location and better security.

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    Hi Caroline,
    I have a 10 year old myself and we have been travelling with him since he was about 3 months old so I understand your concerns.
    I have found that many of the hotels in Jamaica are not a child friendly as I would have liked. With a little one, any hotel that came with a minifridge was better than 5 stars to me. Some hotels are trying though. There is Beaches and FDR for example. Villas can actually be good options for travelling with kids, primarily because of the flexibility. You have to pick the right villa though.

    I wouldn't worry about the food. Almost all villas are staffed so the staff will help you with the grocery shopping. The grocery stores in the larger tourist towns like Ocho Rios and Montego Bay have whatever you would need.

    As for security, major crimes against tourists are actually very uncommon. Jamaican news reports everything and so can make you nervous until you realize, as the others have said that Jamaica is a big island and a hot pocket area where there was an incident is 2-3 hours from you.

    Villas are required to have certain security measures in place so you will want to ask about that.

    Personally, when I go I spring for a van and driver service. It is just so much more convenient. That is one of the little extras that I give myself.

    If you have more than say 6 people going where you need 3 or more rooms, I'd say seriously consider a villa.

    So much more I could tell you. I am new to the forum so I don't know if there is a private messaging option. If so, please feel free to email me. Jamaica is a great place for family trips.

    Good luck!

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