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Moon Oct 31st, 2000 08:22 PM

Red Hook or Char Amalie ?
Going from STT airport to St. John, should I taxi to Red Hook or Charlotte Amailie for passenger ferry? Most guide books mention Red Hook but CA seems closer and costs are around the same. Any pros and cons? <BR>Moon

Karen Nov 1st, 2000 02:34 AM

The advantage of the Red Hook ferry is that it is hourly. The ride from Charlotte Amalie is longer, about 45 minutes, compared to the 15 from Red Hook (but you have the taxi ride cross island - 20 minutes or so depending on traffic!) and the ferry is not as frequent. Some find the ride some days a bit bumpy and the shorter, obviously, is less time "at sea!" :-)

Brad Nov 1st, 2000 08:32 AM

It doesn't really matter where you leave from. The costs will be about the same and the time will be about the same. I suggest going out of Red Hook only because you'll get a chance to drive around and see much more of St. Thomas than you would have if you simply boarded the ferry in downtown Charlotte Amalie. <BR>On a side note, you should consider taking a daytrip to the beautiful British Virgin Islands. I know that on Saturdays Smiths Ferry runs between the USVI and Tortola and Virgin Gorda. The Baths at Virgin Gorda are wonderful and if you're in the area you should visit them. Just be forewarned that you need to carry a passport to enter the BVIs.

Janet Nov 3rd, 2000 10:37 AM

HI, <BR> <BR>We will be going to St. John via St. thomas next Friday. We plan on taking the ferry from Red Hook primarily because they run more frequently. <BR> <BR>Brad - do I really need a passport to visit the BVI? Will a birth certificate not do? We were planning a day trip while there.

Karen Nov 3rd, 2000 01:02 PM

A passport makes it easier but a certified copy of your birth certificate (raised seal)issued by the Health Dept or gov't agency that registered your birth and a drivers license will do ... you need pix id to fly to STT anyway! The birth certificate, usually with your cute little footprints and a raised seal, from the hospital will NOT work!

sandy Nov 5th, 2000 08:32 AM

Unless you are staying out at the East End, I recommend taking the ferry from Charlotte Amalie. The ferry ride is longer but more pleasurable. The traffic on St. Thomas is awful, and a lot of the taxis are not air-conditioned. So you're looking at a long(ish) ride in a car and hort boat trip vs. a short taxi ride and long boat ride. I know which one I'd pick!

janet Nov 5th, 2000 02:06 PM

Karen, <BR> <BR>thanks for clarifying the passport vs. birth certificate. <BR> <BR>Moon, <BR> <BR>go to and check the ferry schedule. This may help your decision when you arrive.

Gilda Nov 6th, 2000 07:30 AM

I agree with Sandy on all counts! We did Redhook over and CA back. Charlotte Amalie avoids all the St. Thomas traffic.

tracey Nov 8th, 2000 03:36 PM

If you are staying at the Westin they will arrange a taxi for you from the airport to Red Hook and RH to the Westin dock directly. They take care of all your luggage. The only people on the water taxi from RH to St. John are the people staying at the Westin.

Kif Nov 10th, 2000 05:56 PM

Regarding ferries; is there a way to get from st. John to St thomas airport early in the morning, I am trying to arrange flights and wanted to try and catch the 7am flight out of st thomas. Or is this impossible from St. John?

Karen Nov 11th, 2000 02:53 AM

There are water taxis which you can hire but I would be more tempted to check into one of the moderately priced places near the airport or stay somewhere on St. Thomas (a b&b for example) since the airlines want you to be at the airport so early to check in, clear customs, immigration, etc. - they say 2 hours - that makes your arrival time 5 am-ISH!!

John Nov 20th, 2000 06:54 PM

the official web site for the St. Thomas ferry is

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