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gwennie Dec 31st, 1969 04:00 PM

I am visiting Australia for a few months in September 2004 and am hoping to see as much of the country as possible. I will probably start from Melbourne and will be travelling alone so would be grateful if anyone has any tips e.g. any danger areas, accomodation (I shall be on a tight budget), transport, weather etc.

alice13 Dec 31st, 1969 04:00 PM

Radisson Cable Beach, Nassau or Wyndham Rose Hall, Jamaica which resort and island is better?ose Hall
gwennie - no danger areas that I know of (but perhaps I need to know that your defifition and mine are the same).

You need to be more specific about what sort of accomm and how much you want to pay - and where you intend on going.

Transport - bus, train, plane - but you can pretty much forget train unless you want to do it for the experience and the infrequent times fit your schedule. Otherwise - distances can be huge - depends where you are going - but there are bus passes you can get (do a google for greyhound). imho they are not as good value as they were, say 6 years ago. Personally don't like to fly much - prefer to see the land from ground level!! - but Oz is very big so you might like to check out the sites for Virgin Blue and Jetstar (a Qantas offshoot).

Fares are heaps cheaper than they once were - but the earlier you book the better the deal.

Sheila Mar 22nd, 2000 02:18 PM

My husband and I and our 11 year old daughter have plans to go to Nassau in June and stay at the Radisson Cable Beach, but our travel agent has some good deals on Wyndham Rose Hall in Jamaica. Need advice on both resorts and both islands. We like a lot of things to do but not over-run with kids. Any advice would be great!

Sheila Mar 31st, 2000 02:21 PM

Dear Sheila, <BR>I stayed at the Windham Rose in Jamaica one and a half years ago and am going back in next month with my family, )husband, and children ages 10 & 7). The hotel was great and has a new water park. Despite all the bad comments from people I found the hotel wonderful. The staff went out of the way to be accommodating. There was plenty to do and the food was great. I reccommend and all-inclusive plan. Also we didn't do to much in the way of leaving the resort area. But there are plenty of things to do. Friends have reccommended the DUNNS fALLS. But I would star away from the straw markets. They were pretty scarry. Unless you go in a big group. The prices are excellent for Jamaica because they always get bad press. The prices are better than the Bahamas. I stayed at the Radisson in paradize Island two and a half years ago. It was pretty subdued for an 11 year old girl. While nice for me, it was pretty boring. (Sometimes boring and quiet can be nice for busy mothers) Their is a hotel right next door with a wonderful waterpark also. A little expensive. I stayed at the Radisson in Cable Beach too many years ago so I don't know what that one was like. I had been to Cable Beach at least 5 times. Based on prices, Jamaica was a great place to go. Like I said, we are going back next month. Hope we can help. Enjoy. <BR> Natalie

Kim Mar 31st, 2000 03:54 PM

Just returned from Nassau last month and was in Jamaica last Feb. I think you would have a better time in Nassau. <BR>There are alot of things to do in Nassau. Visit Atlantis, swim with the dolphins, Zoo's, lots of excursions. If thats what your looking for, if just vegging on the beach is what you want Jamaica is the place for that.I love Jamaica and will return there next Feb.

kay Jun 27th, 2000 06:07 PM

We have stayed at both. Really would rather go back to the Radisson. We went there 3 years ago. The activity staff was great! Lots to do for you and you daughter. Water sports great! Our daughter was 10 at the time. Food and entertainment good also. Cheap to get around too. Jamaica -The Wyndham Rose Hall was good but the entertainment (band was the same each night) activities staff was not as good AT ALL! Expensive to get around in Jamaica and not much to see or do from MoBay - Dunn's River Falls But it's 1 1/2 hrs. away by bus and pricey.

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