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nelcarp Nov 12th, 2019 08:12 PM

Puerto Rico - Itinerary Recommendations
My wife and I (56 and 60) are planning to take a trip to Puerto Rico in early March (2020). We are looking for recommendations for our itinerary. We'll definitely be interested in exploring Old San Juan and San Juan in general. While some nightlife is appealing, we're not focused on going out late, dancing, etc..(unless there is something culturally specific you're really missing in Puerto Rico if you don't). We also love to hike (moderate hikes of 6 miles or less), take in the beach, and see some history. We're also very interested in finding great local food (more off the beaten path). Our preference is AirBnb accommodations (preferably on or near the water, or with a water view from higher elevations). We prefer to not move every night. Moving 2-3 times during the trip works if that gets a closer to some of the more beautiful hiking or other historic towns/cities.

We have not nailed down the number of days yet. No less than 7 and most likely no more than 9.

Appreciate any guidance.


girlonthego Nov 14th, 2019 09:35 PM

I have never done an Airbnb in PR but liked staying at the Marriott in the Condado area. It is oceanfront and there is a great walkability factor from this hotel to restaurants and other hotels. You can rent a car to go to the rainforest and some other beaches like Luquillo beach. You can taxi to Old San Juan and walk around and taxi back. The marriott can also arrange tours and activities, but you can also rent a car and drive to places like Fajaro where you can get a catamaran snorkel tour. There are condos and El Conquistador resort out in the Fajaro area which offers more activities and adventures as well

nelcarp Dec 9th, 2019 06:51 PM

Checking in to see if those on the forum can provide any guidance. A few changes since my original post:
  • Looking at 8 full days or 6 full days (travel days on either side)
  • Balance between hiking/exploring and beach time
  • Don't need to do it all in this trip, but enough to get the flavor of the different qualities PR has to offer
  • Definitely need some laid back down time...slow to rise, walk to the beach, etc.
Appreciate any guidance.


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