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Jessica Sanchez Oct 18th, 2000 05:56 PM

Puerto Rico & College Students
Hola! I will be going with a group of 5 college freshman next christmas to Puerto Rico. I want to visit my family that I know live there, but does anyone know of the most "touristy" or tourist destination in Puerto Rico? Whether it be a place tourists like to come or better yet, younger students like to come?? Thank you for all the answers! Mucho amor siempre

Jessica Oct 22nd, 2000 02:01 PM

please people, suggestions!

Diane Oct 23rd, 2000 09:43 AM

The most touristy area is Old Town San Juan. It is lovely. There are several fun clubs that young people enjoy at night in the area. Go to the Puerto Rico tourism website (I think). There are also some lovely beach towns on the West coast where surfing is popular. You can learn a lot there.

tom Oct 23rd, 2000 12:20 PM

Isla Verde and Condado are both major tourist areas in San Juan. I prefer Isla Verde - better beach and better hotels. For nighttime activity, especially on the weekend, definitely go to El San Juan (Resort & Casin). It has a great lobby bustling lobby bar with live entertainment. Also, it has a very good nightclub called Babylon (if you're not staying at the hotel, get there fairly early because there is usually a long line to get in). On top of that, it has one of the nicest casinos in Puerto Rico. I would definitely recommend staying at the El San Juan but if you cannot afford it, you might want to look into the San Juan Grand, the San Juan Towers, Embassy Suites (although it's not on the ocean). There is even a Days Inn that is pretty much right across the street from the El San Juan. feel free to e-mail me if you want any specific information (I've been to San Juan lots of times). <BR>

JR Nov 19th, 2000 06:49 AM

Go to will have a party in the street every night, the most beautiful beach, and it will be much safer and less expensive than San Juan.

Maira Nov 19th, 2000 06:55 AM

Agree with JR. If you can find an apartment in Boqueron (town of Cabo Rojo), the beaches are pretty (especially Boqueron). Nearby town of Lajas, especially La Parguera is quite lively during the weekends as well. Live street music, etc.. Oh, my gosh! Christmas in PR....what a blast!! memories...(sob!!)

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