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Tim Jun 17th, 1998 11:49 AM

Provodenciales (Provo-Turks&Caicos)
<BR>Like several other postings, I too am looking for info on living conditions etc on the island of Provo. If you have any recent, first hand knowledge, feel free to e-mail direct, or post your reply here. Than You

Terry Jun 17th, 1998 10:17 PM

<BR>Provo is similiar to Grand Cayman, only not near as crowded.

Terry Jun 18th, 1998 01:00 PM

<BR>I forgot to say that prices are about the same as Grand Cayman, and there is less crime, actually there is no crime.

Carey Jun 20th, 1998 09:54 AM

Provo is better for living conditions than most of the other Caribbean island, especially Jamaica, Haiti, , Dominican Republic, Cuba. It is more like Barbado,s (less crowded though) or the Bahama's. <BR>

James Jun 30th, 1998 01:52 AM

Hi Tim! <BR>

Sheila Jul 10th, 1998 09:44 AM

<BR>We were there last year and found it to be a very pleasant place, we saw a few run down houses, but then you find those no-matter where you are. People and beaches are the best you'll find anywhere. I wish I was you!

Cheri Jul 13th, 1998 09:23 AM

Have tried to say this before, but the price of property in Provo is prohibitive. Condos, houses and the like are out of sight. Anyone who has been there would like to live there, but hey, unless my six numbers come up Saturday, it's out of the question for us mere mortals.

Carlos Jul 16th, 1998 11:08 AM

<BR>I read Cherri's posting and have to ad my two cents worth. Alot of new houses on Provo are very very expensive, but there are also alot of new houses and condo's for between $180 and $250,000, which is similiar to many places in Canada. For example, in Vancouver BC you won't get much of a house for under $200,000. not including TAXES! that's just my opinion. Thanx!

Cheri Jul 17th, 1998 08:51 AM

Hey Carlos, you from Vancouver? Here in Eastern Ohio, you can get one fine place to live for $250,000. We looked at property in Provo and if it was livable, it was unafordable! (Love Vancouver!)

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