Please help with Biras Creek (BVI) details . . .

Jun 19th, 2001, 01:46 PM
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Please help with Biras Creek (BVI) details . . .

Hello all - I have booked Biras Creek for my honeymoon at the end of July/early August (am praying for good weather). I was hoping some of ya'll who have been there could give me a little help with the details.
I booked the "Week of Enchantment" package, so will only be there 7 days. I booked the garden suite, but still have time to upgrade to ocean suite. Is it worth the extra $600 for the view? I know the suites are the exact same layout.
Also, I know we want to see the Baths. Since a boat takes us to the resort, I assume we can't just take a taxi out there. Is having Biras take us worth it - or is it too expensive? Are there other ways to get out and about?
What other excursions would you recommend for two avid snorkelers? Is the snorkleing from the beach very good?
What are things we should make sure and bring with us (ie bug spray, sun screen, etc) rather than buying there? Anything you recall wishing you had remembered from home?
Finally, what's the tipping policy at Biras? How much extra should we plan for above the 10% "service charge"? How much extra money would you bring for one or two excursions and drinks?
Thanks so much - I know I have lots of questions! I can't wait!!!
Jun 19th, 2001, 06:29 PM
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Altho it has been a couple of years since I was at Biras, maybe I can help a little. You have chosen a great spot! The ocean view rooms face the water and the garden rooms are adjacent but set back just a bit from the ocean view. Some say that they prefer the garden because they do seem to get more shade in the afternoon but I much prefer water only because I want to walk out in the morning and see it right there! That's your call whether that $ is worth it or not.
You will take the water taxi back to Virgin Gorda and then taxi to the Baths if you do it on your own. I don't recall the excursion nor the cost compared to doing it on your own since we did not do it. The advantage of doing it on your own would be if you chose to rent a vehicle for that day and explore Virgin Gorda a little, stopping at Little Dix maybe for lunch or one of the other lovely spots, it might be a nice day! I don't know the relative expense of doing that or if you are interested. Frankly, I find that I am usually so content when I finally get where I want to be it takes a major effort to move! You will definitely want to putt about in the complimentary Boston Whalers and there are several sail trips that offer good snorkling and wonderful sailing but I found the snorkling right at their beach excellent with rays and all sorts of fish! Altho provided as room amenities, take your sunscreen, your bug repellent and any anti-itch stuff and first air things. I don't know that they provide aloe but I find it a lifesaver if I happen to get a little pink here and there! You might want to check, if you are early am coffee drinkers, see if it is real coffee in a drip coffee maker or just one that heats water for the instant - we had that recently elsewhere and it was not good and I remembered, altho maybe incorrectly, that was what they had in the rooms at Biras. Take hats! Generally, since the 10% is across the board, it does cover most tips but sometimes a little extra is something that makes you feel comfortable especially to someone who has gone above and beyond what you would normally expect. But, the guests are very mixed with many Europeans and they are very comfortable with no additional tipping. Unfortunately there is no set "rule." I do remember that those who wound up with the tables along the edge or who "reserved" a specific table at dinner did acknowledge the service with a gratutity. i know you will have a wonderful time! It is a special place!
Jun 20th, 2001, 05:19 PM
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My wife and I spent a week at Biras in 1999. Very nice. We would have booked the Garden Suite had we seen them ahead of time. It's not just the shade; we found that the lack of a shaded porch (essentially all the Ocean View Suites have a deck but no shading at all) made it impossible for us to just sit and enjoy the view without the full blast of the sun. We made it a point to wander over to the Garden Suites to check out the view. Most had a partial view of the sea, a not unattractive view through the sea grapes. It would have been the better option for someone who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, but doesn't want full sun all the time.
Regarding snorkeling and getting into town, the obvious thing is that the resort provides you with one of their whalers anytime you want it. It's basically a dinghy with a small outboard. You can put-put around Gorda Sound (which is protected from the open sea) to your heart's delight. It's no extra cost. They'll give you a simple chart that points out all the coral beds lining the shore of the sound and off you go! If you want to go into town, you take your dinghy (or water taxi if you prefer) over to Gun Creek, rent a car right there at the edge of the beach, and drive wherever you like.
I assume you also know that you will be picked up at the airport when you arrive and whisked off by boat to Biras. There is no way in or out of Biras except by boat.
Jun 21st, 2001, 11:57 AM
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Hi Gracie, You have picked a great honeymoon spot. My husband and I were there in Feb 2000 and absolutley loved it. We had an ocean view suite and if the budget allows I would say go for it. We never had to use the airconditioner because of the lovely breeze off the water and could hear the waves all night long. Wait until you see the outdoor showers-with gardens in them-just lovely. We took a snorkeling trip to the Baths from Biras(they have differant trips each day) but the water around the Baths was rather rough and we didn't see much. Another idea is an island tour and they will take you to the Baths as part of your trip. Be sure to go to the Top of the Baths and stop at Mad Dogs for a great Pina Colada. The food at Biras is wonderful and the view from the restaurant just beautiful. Don't miss the BBQ's on the beach, they are great.
As to how much money to bring, that is hard to say. The excursions are different prices ranging from $25 to about $100 a person. One of the best was a morning snorkel for $25. Depending on how much you drink (wine with dinner) that can vary. I think the frozen drinks were about $6 to $7 each. A glass of port after dinner was free.
They have plenty of bug spray in the rooms( which we never had to use) but do bring plenty of suntan lotion & use it!
Hope you have a great time-you will love it.
Jun 21st, 2001, 01:50 PM
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My husband and I just returned 2 weeks ago from Biras and it was perfect! We have been to many islands, but the BVI's are the best, and Biras is amazing. We stayed in one of the 2 Grand Suites, so I can't help you with the Ocean vs. Garden question. The grand suites are at the end of the road with 2 decks - one that was always shaded and one with sun and the suite was right on the ocean. The weather was blue sky every day, no rain, about 88 in the day and 80 at night. We did turn on the air at night. It gets hot early in the day, so if you want to do any hiking, start out early. The view is great at the top of the peak. Definitely take out the Whalers. There are lots of secluded beaches on the surrounding islands where you can anchor, swim, snorkel, etc. Also there are places to tie off on the reef. We also took one to Saba Rock for lunch and drinks one day.

To see the Baths, we took the Biras ferry to Gun Creek and rented a car ($45 for the day). The GA's at Biras will arrange ANYTHING for you that you want to do. They also have group trips every day of the week. With the rental car we did some exploring, found some really nice beaches (Savannah Bay), didn't climb Gorda Peak (too hot), went to the Baths and Devils' Bay and Top of the Baths (nice freshwater pool and good drinks - bad food!). Biras packed us a cooler full of food to bring with us that day. You just arrange it with a GA the day before.

We also went to Aneganda one day. Definitely try to to this - snorkeling on Loblolly Bay and Aneganda lobster for lunch. We left before b'fast was served so they delivered juice, pastries and yogurt to our room the night before when they came for turn down service. There is a coffee maker and hot water pot in the rooms along with a fridge. They stock it for you and you can fill out a form to have it restocked. The first round is complementary.

The only additional tippping we did was for bar drinks and wine at dinner. We always had a great seat for meals. The beach BBQ's are not to be missed, as someone else mentioned. Food is outstanding and the menus change everyday so that you don't get bored.

The sunset cruise that you get with your package is also really nice. When you arrive, they will let you know what evening you are booked for and the time to be on the dock.

Bring bug spray and use it in the evenings. We had no bites until the last couple of nites so I hadn't been putting any on, and they hit with a vengance! Better to put some on even if you don't think you need it. Bring lots of sunscreen. We used 15 the whole time and didn't burn, but be sure to reapply often.

Everything you arrange, including Biras excursions and drinks is charged to your room. You will only need cash for rental cars and/or taxis,your departure tax, and if you go to any bars on the surrounding islands.

You have picked a perfect place for your honeymoon! Congrats and have a great time!
Jun 22nd, 2001, 05:42 AM
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Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and your input. I will definitely take the advice to rent a car to see the Baths and the rest of the island. Also glad to know an extensive amount of extra tipping is not expected - finances tend to get tight after a wedding.
Hearing you all talk about it has made me even more excited to go. Now all I have to do is wait!!!
Jun 5th, 2002, 10:14 AM
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Thank for all the great information about Biras Creek. My fiance and I are sold on spendging 1 week of our 2 week honeymoon (Sept. 02)there. We are having a difficult time deciding where to go for the 2nd week. We were told that Caneel Bay on St. John is terrific but I'm not certain. Some suggestions would be most appreciated.
Jun 6th, 2002, 10:28 AM
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Alioet - Go to St. John for the second week of your honeymoon, but consider renting a villa with your own private pool instead of Caneel. Incredibly, you can do it for less and the views from most of the villas are incredible. You won't be disappointed and we found the beaches on STJ to be unsurpassed even though we've enjoyed the BVIs as well. The waters in the Virgins are the best!
Jun 6th, 2002, 06:18 PM
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I don't think a trip to St John is necessary after the BVI. They have everything, but less. Try to take a day to go to Tortola's Cane Garden Bay. Take a day sail on the Patouche II. Explore all the islands. Check on when the cruise ships will be there (generally on Wed. during the summer) and don't do the baths that day. Sunday morning is a GREAT time to go! Enjoy. BVI beats the USVI hands down.
Jun 8th, 2002, 11:46 AM
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Just logged on and read your question for the first time. My husband and I were married at Biras Creek Nov.2000 we stayed in the ocean suite and it is definately worth it. The staff is wonderful the island is beautiful truly a magical place. We will be returning there next year. I understand that the ocean suites were newly redecorated - not that it was needed. We had beautiful weddingmoon and look forward to our next trip there.
Congratulations and have fun

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