Pisces restaurant and Club Rockley, Barbados

Apr 9th, 2002, 10:08 AM
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Pisces restaurant and Club Rockley, Barbados

looking for someone to give their views on this restaurant and hotel- interested particularly on hearing from Tony or Lois!
Apr 9th, 2002, 02:08 PM
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Hi Fiona,

We've eaten at Pieces and it's good. It's quite a pretty setting and the menu in general is good. It's more moderately priced than the West Coast restaurants, which have more "gourmet quality" food and more spectactular settings, but in general it's a nice restaurant.

We own timeshare at Rockley - that portion is called Plumtree Club at Rockley. However, it's one cluster of the larger resort that is known as Club Rockley -- that's all inclusive. We always love our accommodations in the timeshare portion -- we own a 2 bedroom. It's not elaborate, but nice. I love the pools in each cluster. There is a golf course at Rockley that seems busy enough. I'm not sure how great the food is. We always skip the "day passport" which we can buy being timeshare owners. We love eating in the community -- there are fabulous restaurants in Barbados.

There is a bus that takes you to Rockley Beach about every 1/2 hr. The better beach, in my opinion, is Sandy Beach -- you can actually walk to it from Rockley (altho if it's really hot the 3/4 of a mile might seem long).

If you are interested in renting directly from Plumtree Club at Rockley rather than the timeshare, I can get you that information. That way you just pay for the accommodations and can eat wherever you please. Contact me directly if you are interested. Pricing is very good.

Apr 9th, 2002, 02:46 PM
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Since you seem quite knowledable on Barbados, I was hoping that you could help my fiancee and I out. We are looking into going on our honeymoon to Barbados and my better half is interested in an all-inclusive. We were originally pushed towards the almond village resort, but we have recently read some pretty poor reports on various websites. I guess my questions would be;
1. Is Barbados a weather safe location in the first week of October? We like the Caribbean, but are fearful of hurricane season. Are there any other islands that you would recommend that might be safe that time of the year?
2. Which hotel would you recommend if we stay in an all inclusive?
3. Which would you recommend if we stay in any hotel?

Well...that's a lot of questions and I understand if you don't want to spend too much time responding. Appreciate any assitance you can provide.


Apr 10th, 2002, 09:38 AM
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Hi Eric,

You will love Barbados. To answer your questions, the weather is gorgeous there year round, so your timeframe should be ok. Although 1 June - 30 November is hurricane season, Barbados is so far south & east it doesn't get affected. Last hurricane there was 1955. We frequently go October/November and like it best then --less crowds.

Some people mention Aruba a lot, but the wind is so strong that you get pelted by the sand on the beach---I would not like that. Bermuda is gorgeous, but only in June, July or August (other than that no swimming). So I'd stick with Barbados if I were you.

Personally I do not like all inclusives -- too many nice places on the island to eat to just stick with one. Possibly more costly eating around, but I like great, romantic atmosphere along with gourmet food, and I like to see it all -- not just where I'm staying.

That said, I would recommend looking also at Turtle Beach Resort -- all inclusive on the south coast (part of the Elegant group of hotels). I've heard good things about it.

Go to the Tourism Board Website and under hotels (very upper left of the screen), click on that and go to "hotels" and then to "names and contacts" -- this will bring up all of the resorts on the island and if it's in blue you can click on it and tour the resorts. That site is:

If you want a regular hotel, non-all inclusive, then Bougainvillea Beach is lovely. Also a new, all suite hotel on the best beach on the South Coast, in my opinion, (Sandy Beach)look up Coral Sands Resorts -- that can be found at
It's only about 18 months old, and very nice. Either of these last 2 gives you the option of going lots of places instead of just sticking with one resort.

I'm fond of south coast properties as you will find more of a breeze there when it gets very hot in the afternoons -- the west coast can tend to be a little hotter -- not much breeze.

Royal Pavillion is wonderful on the West Coast.

Any other questions, feel free to write me directly and I'll be glad to help. My husband and I have been traveling there since 1986 and this November will make our 16 trip there -- we love this island. We've been to other islands throughout the Caribbean, but keep coming back to Barbados.

Regards, Lois
Apr 10th, 2002, 01:44 PM
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thank you for the information. I tried to e-mail directly but the message was returned. Could you possibly give me the contact address for renting from the Plumtree Club?
Apr 10th, 2002, 02:23 PM
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Hi Fiona, I will post info here, but will write you directly also.

The website for Plumtree club is:
Their e-mail is: [email protected]

Rates for Summer 2002:
One Bedroom - $90 US/night
Two Bedroom - $115 US/night
plus 7.5% VAT
You can use the free 5-min. shuttle bus service to Rockley Beach if you so desire.

You might want to check it out. Please let them know when you write that Lois Swanson recommended -- they will treat you right.
Apr 10th, 2002, 02:25 PM
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Fiona, I just noticed that I cannot write you directly as you do not show a valid e-mail address.

My home e-mail may also work and that is:
[email protected]
Apr 13th, 2002, 01:15 AM
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Thanks for the info Lois. At the moment we are uncertain what to do for the best. As a recent poster has found, it seems it is cheaper to book a package than book flights and accomodation seperately. ( We live in Scotland). Still looking though!
Apr 13th, 2002, 01:08 PM
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I would reconsider the Bouganvilla, only because there is a drug house 2/3 hotels east of it and we were hounded last year ALL the time. Hotel security told us is was getting out of hand. (we were in Barbados Beach club and it was directly next door. There is another beautiful hotel in the south end and not so close to where we stayed that you hopefully won't be hassled, called Turtle Beach. We spent the day at it and it was amazing and the grounds spectacular. It was probably the only larger hotel in that area. It was also close to all the nightlife in the St. Laurence Gap and lots of little shops. It is very safe (we were 2 ladies and we went everywhere, even downtown to Bridgetown by bus and were fine.) The people are very nice and the sand on the beach is pink ( WHAT A BEAUTIFUL ISLAND IN THE SUN!) When we go back it will be to Turtle Beach.
Apr 14th, 2002, 05:41 AM
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I'm surprised about the "drug house", but we've stayed at Bougainvillea several times, including most recently this past November, and were never bothered by anyone. Of course we were 2 couples.

The St. Lawrence Gap area in general is not that good (that's probably why) - I never recommend hotels in that area to anyone. Bougainvillea is not within easy walking distance of the Gap, altho it's not far by car. Of course, on the beach things are closer.

For anyone concerned about Bougainvillea, I would say don't be concerned. As for Turtle Beach, that is all inclusive, so that's not what everyone wants, altho I hear it's lovely.

Another good location on the South Coast for all those interested is Sandy Beach Island Resort, or Coral Sands Beach Resort both located at Sandy Beach. I hear good things about both, but Sandy Beach Island Resort is older, although they seem to keep refurbishing. Coral Sands Beach Resort is only about 18 months old. And on my last visit they were building another new, gorgeous resort right next to it on the left if you are on the beach looking at Coral Sands Beach Resort. I don't have a name for that yet, and it may or may not be completed at this time.

All I can say is avoid beach vendors with a "no thank you I'm not interested" and that should be sufficient.

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