Jan 20th, 1999, 03:41 AM
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In March, I'm going to Jamaica with some friends. Some books say we need a passport, but others say we do not. Do we?
thanks for the information.
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Jan 20th, 1999, 05:13 AM
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You do not have to have a passport. A U.S. drivers license (or state-issued photo ID) plus a certified birth certificate (must have a stamp or imprint to indicate it is certified) are sufficient to get into Jamaica. It is not too late, however, for you to get a U.S. passport, and we have learned after many trips to the islands, that it is easier to use a passport. If you opt not to get a passport, and you do not have a certified copy of your birth certificate, you can order one from the state in which you were born, and it should arrive in plenty of time. Good luck!
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Jan 20th, 1999, 06:46 AM
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I was born in New York but don't live in that state anymore. I called the NY State Dept. of Health for a certified copy of my birth certificate. A recording instructed me to send a letter with all my information, especially my mother's maiden name. Plus, the recording said it would take 10-12 weeks. I sent this letter (w/ Mom's maiden name) certified mail, so I knew they received it on Sept. 21, 1998. I called to inquire about my order and they said "if it hasn't been 10-12 weeks, call back at that time". Sheesh! So I called back exactly 13 weeks from the day they received my letter. They said they were missing my mother's maiden name. They were going to write me a letter requesting this information. (which would of delayed the whole process even more). I told them it was in the letter, but the person I spoke to didn't have my letter in front of her. I told her Mom's maiden name over the phone.

I didn't receive my birth certificate until the first week of January 1999!

Meanwhile, my fiance was born in Hawaii. We sent a letter to them the same day as we sent the letter to NY. He got his birth certificate within TWO WEEKS!! Plus, Hawaii was about one third the price.

Make sure you know how long your state will take to process your request. Plus, you can expedite the process for an extra fee.

Good Luck!
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