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washdctrvl Jul 26th, 2006 11:27 AM

Parrot Cay, Amanyara, or Peter Island
I would like to know a great spot for a honeymoon. The wedding is being held at CuisinArt on Anguilla. I'm looking for something luxurious and also a place with great snorkeling. I'm not sure places like PI and Biras creek meet the luxury side of it. On T&C what are the advantages of Amanyara v. Parrot Cay? Is the beach front house worth the $$$? Thanks for all you help.

A_Traveller Jul 26th, 2006 12:01 PM

Can't really help you with comparisons between Parrot Cay and Amanyara (the latter is relatively new but there have been some recent posts about it on this forum - use the search feature). PI and BC are certainly upscale resorts but obviously you do not think they meet your standards. They will, however, give you access to some excellent snorkeling. Have you looked at Little Dix Bay (also in the BVI's)? It may fit your requirements.

The real point of my post is to make sure you aware that it is not easy getting to the T&C's from Anguilla. You would have to first make your way back to Miami or Fort Lauderdale via St. Martin or San Juan and then catch a flight from there to the T&C's. You may find it easier to get to the BVI's.

newyorkergal Jul 26th, 2006 07:25 PM

<<I'm not sure places like PI and Biras creek meet the luxury side of it. >>
No offense but you think Cusinart does? For a wedding? If you want a place that has great snorkeling, why are you getting married in Anguilla? A_Traveller is spot on with advice. I'm assuming of course this is your wedding. Why not book the honeymoon and the wedding on the same island? Sounds like you will be going through lots of effort to switch islands unless you have a private charter plane...

blamona Jul 27th, 2006 05:04 AM

There is backtracking involved. From Anguilla to either Turks or Virgin Islands requires flight back to San Juan, San Juan Virgin Islands, or San Juan-Miami-Turks. You may also have to spend the night at either San Juan or Miami depending on the flight hours. (spend 2-San Juan has forts, Miami has great people watching.)
Of your choices, my favorite is Parrot Cay. In Virgin Islands, I like Little Dix Bay (Virgin Gorda.) T&C and Anguilla are fairly similar, except T&C has great snorkeling, Anguilla does not. Peter Island in VI has great snorkeling, as does St. John. (Caneel Bay.) Biras Creek is nice, but harder to get around if you want to snorkel Peter Island and St. John. (it's doable, but harder, everything there is done by boat.)
I think what the above posts are trying to tell you is Caribbean is not Europe. It's not easy to "island hop" unless you stick to certain groupings. There is lots of water between them, and rough water. There are no boat or ferry systems. Only in "groupings" of islands. Caribbean requires lots of backtracking.
On a honeymoon, of course it's worth the extra money, you want it to be extra "special".

StanKase Jul 27th, 2006 08:59 AM

The snorkeling in the waters around Anguilla are not very good if you are an avid snorkeler.All the others are great places but Biras Creek is our next trip in Dec. We are going to have to charter a speed boat for the 75 minute trip to snorkel at 4-5 spots we like around Caneel. The rub is the cost is $900 for the day. But, after 6-7 times staying at Caneel we are giving it a rest for a few years and until they improve the food. We have been to the other places mentioned.For a honeymoon and wedding I agree that having both at the same island makes sense,if possible. You will loose a day to getting from one place to the other unless you have the wedding at Little Dix and go to Biras Creek. Peter Island is a bit more difficult but still will take 4-5 hours plus the packing. Also, an intimate resort would probably be more desirable with 50-75 guests. Little Dix would be double that and Caneel (though lovely with the best snorkeling of them all) has about 175 rooms spread out over 160 acreas. But, children often at Caneel and little Dix for they offer a kids camp.Hope that helps.

washdctrvl Jul 27th, 2006 07:06 PM

Thanks for the replies...The travel is a bit of a concern but we will most likely charter the air or a portion of it. I have stayed at Caneel and biras/bitter end - sailed past/anchored at all the other BVI/St. John resorts. Have also been to Ladera so I' don't want to head south from Anguilla. We will be at Cuisinart for 5 days for the wedding and that will be sufficient.

Newyorkergal - the question was regarding a great spot for the honeymoon not the wedding. And IMHO Cuisinart is a step up from Biras - for sure in terms of accomodations. We actually looked at all the aforementioned resorts for the wedding and felt that Cusinart met our needs and would still be affordable for the 80 or so guests - but i know the snorkeling will not be least the golf course will be open! PC or Amanyara seem to be in a totally different class so the question really was - will the travel hassle be worth the effort for PC (1 bdrm beach house looks devine)or should we stay in the BVI at PI or LDB. Thanks again for the constructive responses.

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