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nancy Jul 13th, 1998 01:43 PM

Paradise Island Weather in January
I am interested in going to the Bahamas in early January with my family. We're afraid the weather and water will be cool. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Kathleen Jul 14th, 1998 04:30 AM

Have you ever been to southern Florida in January? Remember that the Bahamas are not that far from us in the Southern US. The temperatures will be quite comfortable during the day, cooler at night, but the water temperature may feel downright cold. It depends on your family and how warm you like the water. I would never go to the Bahamas again in the winter months because I like bathwater temperatures. I also won't go to any Atlantic beaches even in summer because of water temperatures. I like Aruba in January, it is their summer then. Good luck.

Bon Scott Jul 16th, 1998 08:01 AM

We went to the Bahama's for Christmas and new years last year and the weather was crappy. Cool, rain, and the pools were cold at the resort because they don't heat them, so they were freezing. It's usually about 22 - 25C (not sure what that is in F) <BR> <BR>We found the people cold and the country VERY americanized. (Pizza hut on the corner, ect). And It's VERY expensive there. <BR> <BR>My wife and I will not go back there... ever. <BR>

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