OCW/Allegro/Trade Winds


Mar 4th, 2003, 08:32 AM
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OCW/Allegro/Trade Winds

Hi all:

We would appreciate any suggestions you may have. This is our first time to TC.

I am torn between the 3 above mentioned hotels. Im not convinced that I want to go the all-inclusive route despite some of the good things I have read about the Allegro. I am also concerned since I read of a serious outbreak of e-coli at the hotel in November of 2002.
I have been able to find nothing on the Tradewinds from guests. I do know that it is NOT on the beach but it is nearby. It is the most spacious and is new construction thus, probably very nice and celan but plain.
The OCW is the same price as Tradewinds (220 for garden view. I have read good things about this location also.
We are not looking to spend massive amounts of money on excursions and food. I am budgeting $200 per day for food/drink and exursions....do you think this is realistic?

thanks again
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Mar 5th, 2003, 06:21 AM
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OCW is a nice club with a great pool.Allegro has way more going on and despite your food fear (I was on the island when this occured and it was definetly not a problem exclusive to Allegro and considering how quickly people were recovering i do NOT think that this was e-coli anyway) is a pretty dandy hotel. anyway Provo is not someplace to be off the beach and A. and OCW are basically on the same beach. you can spend as much or as little on food as you wish. however as far as excursions go unless you want to go diving the options are limited. rent a JEEP not a car( the roads are rough)to see the sights and if stay at A. all your water/beach sports are included and they apparently have some kind of nightly entertainment. Go to Bugaboo's for lunch. take your own beer and wine. offer Bugaboo a beer and the stories will start. do not be in a hurry. your conch comes right out of the ocean and they prepare your choice while you wait. if you are the rugged sort take the road towards Northwest Point, go left at the fork to the beach where the French TV show was ( i can't remember it's name but everybody on the island will know what you're asking about)take a lunch. Carry water bottles (alot) everywhere!!$200 a day should be tons especially if you stay at an all-in. YOu will love Provo if you're looking for a laid back place!!!!!!
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