October Honeymoom Suggestions

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October Honeymoom Suggestions


My fiance and I are getting married in early October 2004 and I am starting to plan our honeymoon. There are so many options to pick from that I am a bit overwhelmed and am looking for some advice. The things that are important to us are:

1. Weather - we are going in October, and would like to avoid islands that may get more rain than others.

2. Accessibility - Our honeymoon will only be one week, so I would prefer only 1 or 2 flights from the US (Cleveland, OH). We cannot afford to spend one whole day travelling.

3. Atmosphere - looking for a place that is not too crowded or touristy. Someplace romantic that doesn't herd us around like cattle.

4. I am currently considering Cayman Islands, Aruba, St. John's, Anguilla, and Turks & Caicos

I appreciate any suggestions or feedback!!
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You are going at the very peak of hurricane season, so I'd at least give that some consideration. Even if an island isn't hit by a 'cane, the massive cloud wheels can linger for many days and ruin a sun vacation.
All the islands you've listed are among the most frequently hit by hurricanes except Aruba, which is affected on average only once every 10 years, most of those being 'brushes' rather than strikes.
Aruba is easily the most touristy of the islands you listed, followed by Cayman.
The others are low density and non-touristy.
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I would have to agree with TedTurner about the hurricane season, however when I went on my honeymoon (Oct. 2001) to St. Lucia the weather was fine. For the past 3 years my husband and I have been traveling in October and have been pretty lucky. If its your honeymoon though, you may just want to be on the safer side and go to Aruba or one of the other ABC islands. If your mind is set to go to one of the other islands, just be sure you take out travel insurance in case you have to cancel. My recommendation would be St. John. My husband and I stayed at Caneel Bay last year (I think it was the 2nd week in October) and the weather was absolutely perfect. I do remember though when we went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon they did say its far south where usually it does not get hit by too many hurricanes, then again its a very lush and tropical island so they do tend to get occasional showers during the day.
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Long Bay Resort in Tortola would not be crowded in October. The beach is beautiful and most of the rooms are on the hillside which gives you wonderful views of the ocean and other islands. Be sure to rent a car - exploring Tortola is memorable and it's useful so you can eat off-site. I agree, take insurance in case of a hurricane.
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No guarantees with weather but I agree with Beth48 regarding Tortola. This is a quiet beautiful island with spectacular views and mountainous roads for the adventurous traveler. Cane Garden Bay reminded me a little of Hawaii. I personally would not stay at the Long Bay Hotel but prefer the romantic atmosphere of the Sugar Mill Hotel and the friendly staff and outstanding cuisine. Plantation Suites and Villas are the best units.
You can fly to San Juan and take a 30 min. flight to Tortola or fly to St. Thomas and take the 45 min. ferry.
Normally the best weather is in Aruba but it can be very crowded because of all the timeshares on the island.
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For Cayman, do remember that if you visit the Eastern districts of Grand Cayman, or Little Cayman, or Cayman Brac, they are definitely undeveloped and not at all "touristy"
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We have just returned from Grenada and I highly recommend the island. You can fly via Philadelphia on US Air.

From the research I did prior to going, the island is below the "hurricane belt" so your chances of nice weather are good.
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As a honeymoon specialist, I recommend Aruba for October. Another good place that is more low keyed would be Bonaire. Bonaire doesn't have the great beaches that Aruba does, but the island is fantastic for snorkeling. I sent my son there for his honeymoon and rented a private house with swimming pool, very romantic.
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A word of caution: Travel insurance will not cover you if you have to cancel because of the weather. You are not protected by the airlines, either. I there are flight delays due to bad weather, they are not obligated to do ANYTHING for you!
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Look into Barbados...many hotel options...below hurrican belt. Direct flights.

We were there last October (3-9) and we had some cloudy/rainy but mostly sunny. We got great tans. We've been twice and always enjoy ourselves.

Just remember...where ever you go, you're in the Caribbean...and a rainy day in the Caribbean is better than a sunny day in Cleveland!!

Enjoy! Greenie
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