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Steve Mar 21st, 1997 03:51 PM

Ocho Rios/Jamaica Grande
I would like to here from anyone that has been to the Jamaica Grande. How are the rooms, did you go EP or all-inclusive, if EP was the food and drink expensive?, etc. Any tips would be appreciated.

michele cooper Mar 22nd, 1997 08:45 PM

Reply:I stayed at the Jamaica Grande in June '93. It was very crowded at that time, plenty of hustle and bustle, but the facility was very nice. I had the AI plan. The only thing that disappointed me was that we had a "suite", but it was actually 2 separate rooms next to each other and you had to use your key to go from one room to the other. Very strange! Also very inconvienient. The pool area was beautiful.

Lee Mar 27th, 1997 10:42 AM

If you want to visit the Caribbean, try someplace else. I lived in Ocho Rios for 1 1/2 years and will probably not return. Although it has plenty of natural beauty, the crime and congestion detract from it greatly. If you have one week, try Aruba
which is great for a lot of reasons. For less than a
week, try the Bahamas. Nassau is ok and Eleuthera is quiet and lovely. Good luck.

M Willey Mar 29th, 1997 11:18 AM

We stayed at the Grande a few weeks ago. If you insist on Jamaica this is a nice hotel and the all inclusive plan was definitely worth it. Food was good (choice of hotel restaurants) and the pool area delightful, but beach was useless for swimming and the view of the bauxite mine leaves something to be desired. The hotel itself is very nice - ask to stay in the newer tower. Not the best area for snorkeling or diving. A torturous bus ride from the airport. This was my 2nd trip to Jamaica and my last. I agree with the other respondant - go somewhere else - Grand Cayman, Aruba. Somewhere you can travel freely and not feel you have to stay within the resort..

Jean E. Bowers Apr 30th, 1997 07:34 AM

I have been to Jamaica several times and did visit Ocho Rios. I found alot to be desired of the town. One big draw back with Jamaica is that all of the hotels are compounds. I am a person who loves to get out and walk. This is not done in Jamaica. Yes you can walk on the grounds of your hotel, but I like to walk around and talk to folks. This is not a good idea in Jamaica. First of all you will be bothered to death by people trying to sell you things, exchange currency for you, or just be your "date"for the week. During the day you can walk around in town,shop and get a bite to eat but after dark it is not a great idea. When I stay in outside of Montego Bay I will take a taxi to a restaurant. After dinner I go right back to my hotel. There are many other places that give you much more freedom of movement. Lucaya outside of Freeport on Grand Bahama Island is such a place. Whever you go have a wonderful time!

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