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Lizzie518 Jul 20th, 2007 08:49 AM

Nisbet Plantation Inn Nevis
I am considering a November trip to the Nisbet in Nevis and have a few questions for people who have previously stayed there.

How is the beach? Is it a decent size? Comfortable lounge chairs? Rough water? Does it get crowded? Can you get beach service, or at least order drinks from a nearby bar and carry them back to your lounges?

How are the views from the Premier Junior Suites? Do they have unobstructed views of the water? Or is it predominantly garden views with some partial ocean views depending on the building you are in?

I realize that the rooms do not have any TVs. Does the hotel have a media room where you might be able to catch up on news or the sort? Or are there no TVs on the premises? (It doesn't really matter, just curious.)

It looks like the price that is quoted includes breakfast and dinner daily at Nisbet. It says dinner can be swapped for lunch, but no credits can be offered. Is this the case? Is dinner included in the room price, or am I misreading that?

How close is the Plantation to other dining options? We've read about how wonderful the food is at Nisbet, but we would probably sample other dining options and use a cab. Are we close enough to other good dining options to make using a cab feasible?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you fodorites can provide.

A_Traveller Jul 20th, 2007 10:31 AM

The beach at Nisbet is one of the nicest on the island - light colored sand (lighter than the beaches on the Caribbean side of the island), lots of palm trees for shade, plenty of lounge chairs & hammocks reserved for resort guests. The beach is large enough that it never feels crowded (note it's adjacent to another beach area that is frequented by locals and ex-pats but even on it's busiest day the beach at Nisbet (as weel as any other beach on the island) is never very crowded. The resort doesn't offer "beach service but Coconuts, the Nisbet Beach Bar, is right there and you can order drinks all day long (there are a few tables and chairs on the beach that have waitress service during lunch). The beach fronts on the Atlantic side of the island and while there is a reef about 3/4 mile off shore to break up the waves the water can be a bit wavy at times. There's always a constant breeze blowing off the ocean.

Views from the Premium Junior Suites are nice. They are set back about 50 to 75 yards from the beach. You'll see lots of palm trees, the beach and the water off in the distance. There are no neighboring islands visiable from anywhere on Nisbet property. These rooms are the closest to the water and afford the best views but they views are not unobstructed. If you are an early riser you'll be rewarded with a very picturesque view of the sun rise. The Premium Junior Suite have four nits per building - 2 at ground level and 2 second floor units. The view from the second floor unit is slightly better than the ground floor unit but most people won't be aware of the difference. It doesn't matter which building you are in as far as view is concerned.

Yes, there is a large screen TV in the Great House.

Nisbet offers an optional MAP (breakfast & dinner) meal plan (check website for prices) or you can pay for just the room without meals. Yes, if you are on the meal plan you can substitute lunch for dinner. Quite honestly, you are doing yourself a disservice if you get the meal plan as there are too many great places to eat on the island. Do a search her for "Nevis restaurants" or visit for more information on dining on Nevis.

You will need transportation (rental car or taxi) to reach most of the dining places on the island. The only places to eat within walking distance of Nisbet are Pizza Beach and Roumor's (both near the airport about a mile or so from Nisbet).

I'd recommend renting a car as it will give you the ability to explore and to come and go as you please. Taxis are readily available but you'll find their cost can mount up quickly - two r/t's per day plus tip to anywhere on the island will end up costing you about the same or more than a car rental. If you do decide to use taxis for dinner simply tell the driver when he/she drops you off what time you want to be picked up and he/she will be there waiting for you (sometimes they just stay at the restaurant).

Lizzie518 Jul 20th, 2007 03:54 PM

Thanks so much. Your post was very informative. I didn't realize you could get a room without the meal plan. The rate sheet just seems to imply that the meals are included in the price. Our only form of "nightlife" is really nice dining, so we would definitely like to get out and enjoy some of the island's other restaurants. I wonder if you can get a meal plan with just breakfast and the afternoon tea?

Also, it looks like one of the restaurants has a lounge/ people hang out there at night for after dinner drinks, or does it shut down early due to inactivity?

People seem to also rave about the food at Nisbet (The Great House). Would you agree?

We would probably lounge on the beach all day and only need transportation at night to other restaurants. We would probably do cabs. For what we do, it tends to be the same or cheaper than car rentals. I have read that the cabs, compared to other Caribbean islands, tend to be very reasonable and easy to get. Would you concur?

Thanks again for any info you can provide.

Lizzie518 Jul 20th, 2007 04:23 PM

Also, how confortable are the beds? Do they use nice linens?

And how is the fitness center?


mpkp Jul 20th, 2007 07:10 PM

We are going to both Nisbet and Hermitage Plantation house in November. When I talked to Nisbet, they said they would not sell the rooms without the meal plan. Originally, I decided to split my time so that I could experience other restaurants. However, what I found is that both Travelocity and American Express Travel sell Nisbet with breakfast only. I called the hotel on this and they said that was true but they still would not sell it to me directly without meals. If you do Travelocity or AMEX, they charge 21% service and taxes instead of 19% if you eat there. I figured that it was less expensive to book through AMEX -- deluxe room was 247.50 a night plus tax and service. If we ate dinner and tea there it would be 160 plus tax and service but that is still less than the $450 they quote. And I have the choice where to eat -- especially if I am away and do not want to come back for tea. Or if there is a night I want a local meal or a small meal.

The premiere junior suites are $270 a night through Travelocity or AMEX -- we used AMEX because of the Delta skymiles. And there is a $25 cancellation penalty if cancelled 2 weeks or more out through them.

A_Traveller Jul 21st, 2007 07:01 AM

Well, if Nisbet management told you they won't provide rooms withou a meal plan that must be a fairly new policy because I've stayed there in the past without meals. They did recently have a change in management so that could be one explanation.

The beds are quite comfortable - about what you'd expect from a resort in this price range. Linens are nice but not Portault or Frette in quality.

The lounge/bar in the Great House opens for cocktails and is staffed through dinner until closing. Some guests have a nightcap or two after dinner but it certainly isn't a lively night spot. It's pretty much empty by 9:30PM - 10:00PM.

Food is good to very good at Nisbet but like I said there are just too many great places on the island to confine your dining to one prestaurant. Montpelier has what some regard as the best food on the island, Coconut Grove, Hermitage and Bananas are also popular upscale dining spots. We like Mt. Nevis hotel for a very nice dinner in a quiet setting overlooking the lights of St. Kitts. Other places are the Four Seasons (the Main Dinning room, the Italian Grill and Mango), Golden Rock, the Cooperage at The Old Manor, Gallipot, Oualie Beach, Double Duce and many more. You won't go hungry on Nevis.

You are somewhat mistaken about cab fares. While they may be less than on some islands generally speaking if you take 2 or more round trips to almost anywhere on the island you'll end up paying (with tip) about what you'd spend on a rental car. Only you know how much travelling you'll do so do the math and decide. Personally I like the convenience of a rental car as it allows us to come and go as we please. Besides it's a great way to get out and explore the island and experience all it has to offer. We rarely spend our day hanging around the resort. Do what's best for your lifestyle. Taxis are easy to get - there are always one or two waitng at every resort/hotel during the day, penty in town and if you ask them to drop you off at a beach or restaurant just tell the driver what time you want to leave and they will come back for you at the appointed hour.

A_Traveller Jul 21st, 2007 07:46 AM

Point of clarification about the cab fares - that should read "...if you take 2 or more r/t's IN A DAY to almost anywhere..."

skbfan Jul 21st, 2007 07:49 AM

If you are considering a trip to Nevis you might enjoy the following websites:

A taxi driver I used in December and highly recommend is Biddy Weekes. You can e-mail him at [email protected]

Lizzie518 Jul 21st, 2007 09:41 AM

Thank you all for your replies. It does appear that you can get the Premier Junior Suites on Travelocity with only breaskfast. That may be worth considering.

Does anyone know if the water is ever so rough that you can't swim in it? Thanks. We did have some trouble with that in Providenciales when we visited one time in November.

A_Traveller Jul 21st, 2007 10:00 AM

The water at Nisbet is usually always swimmable. It can be too rough if there is a major tropical storm or hurricane brewing off-shore but chances of that happening are remote indeed. You may find that during periods of "active" waves (sorry no way to predict when this might occur) the beach might get slightly erroded exposing a few (emphasis on few) rocks near the shore line. When this happens just stroll northward along the beach towards Herbert's Beach (about 1/4 mile away) or Camp's Beach (just a bit further) and you'll find shallower more calm waters.

Of course, you can always drive or take a cab to any of the Beaches on the Caribbean side of the island where the water is calmer (Oualie Beach, Cades Bay, Fort Ashby, Tamarind Bay, Paradise Beach, Pinney's Beach). If you craved lot's of wave action take a visit to Windward Beach (down by the Race Track) on the South Eastern side of the island or Lover's Beach (just past the airport). You'll alos find strong surf on some small beaches along the south coast of Nevis. Read all about the beaches at

cw Jul 21st, 2007 01:23 PM

I think A_Traveller means

You'll love your vacation.


A_Traveller Jul 21st, 2007 02:59 PM

OOPS!!! cj is right. I forgot the "1".

Lizzie518 Jul 21st, 2007 04:10 PM

Thank you all so much. I haven't booked anything yet, but I am starting to get excited. There are a lot of posts here are Nevis restaurants, but if you were to name your top four fine/nice dining places (as opposed to casual), what would they be?

Also, if there were anything negative you could find about Nisbet, what would it be? So far, it sounds fabulous.

And one more thing.....where could one go on the island for after dinner drinks or a relaxing lounge. Do any of the restaurants have a place where you might want to hang out after dinner for a cocktail or maybe even dessert and coffee?

Thanks again. I plan to fully investigate those websites when I have a bit more time.

alya Jul 21st, 2007 07:46 PM

Just a quickie answer since we've just bought a new (actually old house, think 1890) and I'm shattered :-)

We didn't find the sea good to swim in close to the beach but better further out - it was pebbley (spelling?) when we were there in June. This is my only negative, then again I think T&C's beaches and snorkeling has ruined that aspect of other vacations for me :-D

We loved the food at Nisbet and tended to visit other restaurants (Monpelier, Golden Rock etc for lunch). Oualie Beach was a favourite for lunch and swimming, take snorkel gear from Nisbet with you.

I'd advise the Deluxe over the Premier Suites simply because the Deluxe has a screened porch with a couple of chairs, couch, coffee table and a table with 2 wicker chairs if you want to breakfast in your room. My DH loves to have an afternoon nap on vacation and I like to read - the deluxe gave us 2 seperate areas so we were both happy.

Ask for Long Point or Jessups - they have a wonderful view of the beach, I can't guarantee you'll get them because they are in high demand.

It's a wonderful place we've just spent our 25th wedding anniversary there - we went last year and loved it.

I would think that your experience may be different to ours with crowds since we always travel off season - are you going early or late November?

A_Traveller Jul 22nd, 2007 07:31 AM

There's not a lot of nightlife on Nevis. All of the upscale restaurants have bar or lounge areas where you can have an after dinner drink but most will be "very quiet" as diners often go home or back to their hotels right after dinner. Of course, if you stop in to order dessert they will probably serve you if the kitchen is still open but again if you are looking to spend a few hours lingering over coffee and cake you'll probably be told politely that the restaurant will be "closing soon" - assuming you didn't take any earlier hints. If you are looking for a bit of later night activity" try Coconut Grove (they have a nice lounge area near the bar) but be warned this is a very expensive place. You'll also find late night activity at the Four Seasons (another upscale place with prices to match). For casual night life there's Sunshine's Beach Bar, Chevy's and Double Douce all on Pinney's Beach - just how much activity you'll find at each place in November depends on too many outside factors to cover in a a travel forum post. On Wednesdays evenings the hot spot is Eddy's (in Charlestown).

Oualie Beach and Nisbet do have a weekly Beach bar-b-que (Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively) with live entertainment these usually go one until around 11:00PM or so. I'm pretty sure Four Seasons has one also but I don't remember which day. Some of the other resorts will have "special events" on occasion - the concierrge at Nisbet will be able to tell you if, when & where.

Picking the top four restaurants is difficulkt without knowing your particular likes and budget: The earlier responses to your questions give you great information but in case you didn't focus on the answers here's a brief run down:

Montpelier - either the Sugar Mill or Terrace - best food on the Island. Very romantic spot with great service.

Coconut Grove - Trendy chic restaurant on the beach at Nelson Springs (not that yu can see too much at night), best wine list on the island, good to very good food, friendly staff, very expensive.

Hermitage - very good food in a nice garden setting- family run.

Bananas - vey popular dining spot in a new location in Hamilton, very good food, friendly service - this is a place you can hang around for a while having drinks or dessert.

Mount Nevis Hotel - quiet setting on a veranda over looking the lights of St. kitts. Very good food, attentive service. Recently they've been offering a free bottle of wine with dinner for two. Not sure how long this premotion will continue.

Four Seasons main dinning room - perhaps the most formal (if one can use that term in a "resort casual" enviornment) on the island good (not great) but expensive food, excellent service, wonderful atmosphere.

Mango (at the Four Seasons) - this is their waterfront restaurant. Food is good but pricey. Menue is different than other dining spots on the resort. Not open every day - check for hours of operation.

Oualie Beach - friendly service, good food (some dishes work better than others) casual beach setting.

For beach bars settings try Gallipot (great steak and very good seafood plus as an added bonus a wonderful Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding brunch on Sundays), Sunshine's, Chevy's or Double Douce (best of the bunch, I think).

There's also the Cooperage at the Old Manor and the dinning room at Golden Rock.

For local and casual dining you have Night Moves or Le Bistro ( both in Charlestown), Rumors (by the airport), Pizza Beach, Mem's Pizza or Pemo's and lastly (for this post anyway) you'll find at least 5 chineese restaurants scattered around the island.

Lizzie518 Jul 22nd, 2007 07:45 AM

What a lot of great information. Thanks again. The "nightlife" will be just enough for our tastes based on your descriptions.

We too have been spoiled by T&C and Anguilla beaches. I'm not sure anywhere in the Caribbean can compare to those beaches, so I understand what you are saying. We are really just looking for a nice beach where we can sit out there all day long and take a nice dip from time to time. If the Nisbet beach fits that bill then we should be just fine.

Lizzie518 Jul 22nd, 2007 08:38 AM

Also, as far as the Deluxe Suites go, we may not book directly through the hotel so we can get the room without the meal plan. That being said, we would be hard pressed to request either of the cottages alya suggested. But I am a little torn now.

Do the Premier Suites have lounge chairs on the patios or balconies? It was hard to tell from the various photos.

A_Traveller Jul 22nd, 2007 10:10 AM

You ask a lot of questions - You'll have nothing left to discover when you get on island (just kidding).

Yes, there are lounge chairs on the patios/balconies.

Beaches on Nevis do not compare to the ones you found on Anguilla and the T&C's. Beach as Nisbet is fine for lounging aound, admiring the view and taking an occasional dip. Don't miss spending time on Nevis' other beaches - they each have something different to offer in terms of their own natural beauty and views.

Lizzie518 Jul 22nd, 2007 11:25 AM

I think I'm done asking now :) Thanks.

alya Jul 22nd, 2007 08:30 PM

Hi Lizzie,

I think my issue with the Premier Suites is that you have units either above or below you and the lower units look like they don't get to much light - Has anyone stayed in them? Am I wrong? :-?

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