New Horizons - how to avoid sea sickness?

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New Horizons - how to avoid sea sickness?

We will be in St John for a week in early Feb, and we are planning a day trip on the New Horizons II boat.
I generally get sea sick, so please recommend a few options I have to avoid that. I know I canít snorkel if Iím sick (did that before) Ė any advice greatly appreciated.
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happily i don't get seasick but i know there are several prescription and non-prescription medications available and i know several people who have had good luck with the bracelets.
i have done the nhII trip and it is not a rough ride. the boat is not really large enough to do any rolling like on a ship, so hopefully you will not have too much of a problem. good luck. this is a great trip. you will love it. take plenty of sunscreen and a hat.
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Thanks Virginia,
Great tip - the hat! I knew I need to take sunscreen, bot totally forgot about the hat. Any other things I must add to my 'do not forget list' of things to take on the island?
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A couple of other things not to forget - nothing to do with sea sickness but rather the tropical sun.

several long sleeve T shirts. The sun will be very strong, so you're likely to get too much sun - cover up with long sleeves and you can stay outside without getting burned. Great for snorkelling too, as the back and arms will get a lot of sun when you're face down in the water.

The sea isn't hot tub temperature - you might feel a chill if you stay submerged for a long time - I bring my double layer, long sleeve lycra swim shirt with me - again, great for snorkelling if you want to stay in the water a long time w/o a chill.

For sea sickness, I know someone who uses the pressure bracelets for motion sickness. They seem to help her.

Have a great trip! Looking for a destination for Easter week myself.
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in that you mentioned snorkeling and you are going to one of the best snorkeling islands, i would like to suggest that you get a copy of "reef fish" by paul huann. i am going to provo in march and have copy by my bed to look at every night in hopes of being able to identify more of what i see.
and oh yes i have been known to pretan to avoid those first couple days of burn potential. the swim shirt is an excellent idea though.
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xyz99: I would try the "Seabands" bracelets which are sold over the counter at most drugstores. I would also stay in the shade as much as possible during the trip. Seasickness may be related to inner ear issues as well. If at all possible, I'd see a nose/ear/throat doctor before the trip. Tell him/her your concern and get it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. My mother gets motion sick just looking at a boat. She admits all the anxiety beforehand plays a big part in it too. Virginia's suggestion regarding the long-sleeve lycra swim shirts is a good one. I finally broke down and bought a short-sleeve one to protect my back because I do a lot of snorkeling and it is absolutely fabulous.
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Hi xyz99! The seabands are a good, inexpensive option. A doctor may be able to prescribe a patch for motion sickness that could also be a help. Dramamine taken well in advance (not after you stat to feel symptomatic) is good as well.

Ginger is also supposed to be an excellent remedy for motion sickness.

Good luck! We're trying to decide which charters to do in STJ in May. Since we have friends visiting this trip we'll be sure to make time for the BVI's.

Looking forward to your trip report!
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