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Melissa5 Dec 18th, 2005 01:35 PM

New Cruise Pier completed on ST. KITTS??
I read in the fodors 2005 guide that "a second, longer cruise pier was slated for completion in late 2005, which would permit the largest ships to dock and disgorge passengers."

Does anybody know if this pier was completed? I consider this dismaying news, as we are thinking of going to St. Kitts for Feburary 2006 get-away. We are picturing a lovely, unspoiled island, with nature and a bit of night-life...

Anybody know if this pier was completed, and if it has brought day-trip crowds from the cruise ships to Timothy's beach resort area?


nancyot Dec 19th, 2005 05:44 PM

Hello, Dont think I would worry.....there is not enough to see on Nevis to make pasengers on a big cruise ship happy. We are going the end of January for a week. We were there last year and it is very unspoiled......We did go out on a catamaran and the dock did not seem very large.....One of the nice restaurants is being tuned into condos such a shame....Nancy

chefjason Dec 20th, 2005 07:57 AM

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to let you know that restaurant you like so much is now open in a new location. It is now at the Café de Arts in town. It is the café in the day, and Banana's at night. Same owners, same cooks. I hope this helps you out when you get here, drop by Oualie if you get the chance and say hi!!

And Melissa if it is port Zante you are talking about it has been here for a few years now and nice size cruise ships do go there, but it's not that bad for the Island. It is a quick turn around. The largest ship we get is the Queen Mary II, but she hasn't been in a while and am not sure when she will be back, But if you want peace and quiet and not much of a crowd, take a day trip to Nevis on those crazy days. I will save a spot under the coconut tree for you.

skbfan Dec 20th, 2005 08:45 AM

Most people that arrive on a cruise ship take a shore excursion to the rainforest, catamaran excursion, etc.

I was there when a cruise ship was in town and South Frigate Bay (where TBR is located) wasn't too busy. You can always find room down by Inon's beach bar.

You can also go to Cockleshell Beach and visit Lion's Beach Bar. Uncroweded beach with breathtaking views.

Melissa5 Dec 20th, 2005 12:13 PM

nancyot, thanks for your reply, Nevis souns lovely and peaceful. We decided to book accomodations on St. Kitts (if there are any rooms available, my AAA travel agent is getting them for me!). We had to make a decision as February is coming up! Both Ottleys plantation inn and Timothy's beach resort were available in a package deal so I chose those 2. But we will take a day-trip to Nevis. I think I heard there are 2 ways to go to Nevis, on a ferry or on a catamaran tour? Which is better?

chefjason, thanks, maybe you will find us seeking shelter under that coconut tree on Nevis when the cruise ship comes in on Timothy's! Guess I need to find out when exactly does the cruise ship come in. What are the best places to eat on Nevis? We like good local food (not tourist food.)

skbfan: Thanks for the reassuring picture...sounds like Timothy's and Frigate Bay will still be nice even on cruise ship days. I will make a note to check out Cockleshell Beach and Lion's beach bar! Do any of these nice beaches have facilities like bathrooms with toilets and/or rinse-off showers?

chefjason Dec 20th, 2005 01:51 PM

There are a lot of great restaurants on Nevis. For such a small Island there is a lot of variety. A great local style food restaurant Rumors is great and it is by the airport. Other nice places to eat are the café de arts, botanical gardens(for lunch), and yes I must say Oualie. ;)There are others, but if you are only here during the day most are open for dinner. Galipot for dinner, Banana's, hermitage, and many others.

A day trip on your own is the best way to see most of Nevis. The cat trips are good fun, but they only beach at one of our beaches feed you at a location on that beach then you go. You never really see how charming Nevis really is. But do go on one, they are a hoot and the crews always have fun.

skbfan Dec 20th, 2005 02:49 PM

When you go to Nevis you must visit Sunshine's Beach Bar and have a Killer Bee (very potent drink! :)

If you are going to Nevis for the day you can take the Caribe Breeze.

For a day catamaran/snorkel adventure you can contact Blue Water Safaris.

For the cruise schedule you can visit

Looking forward to your trip report when you return.

PS: I'm going down January 19th.

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