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michael Dec 7th, 1999 01:43 PM

Need Ideas for Honeymoon - Stuck on St. John or Aruba
My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon somewhere in the caribbean islands, but we are torn between ST. John's or Aruba. We don't want to sit on the beach and twiddle our thumbs everyday. Aruba seems more interactive with all the casinos, but we also like the idea of seclusion like St. John. I'm into snorkeling, fishing, and boating and she is to, but also likes to shop. Which is a better place for two stir crazy lovebirds that want to have a private beach to themselves?

Laura Dec 8th, 1999 04:04 AM

Hi Michael, congratulations on your <BR>upcoming marriage! <BR> <BR>I have not been to St. John's, so I can <BR>not comment on that island. However, I <BR>have been to Aruba and I think that you <BR>could have both the seclusion you are <BR>after along with the great shopping. If <BR>you stay on Manchebo beach, rather than <BR>Palm Beach, you will have the feel of <BR>privacy you require. Then all you need <BR>to do is catch the convenient bus into <BR>town for all the shopping your new bride <BR>wants. <BR> <BR>Have a great time, <BR> <BR>Laura

Karen Dec 8th, 1999 08:47 AM

Hi Michael: I like St John but I love Aruba. It is not lush like St John but it a terrific blend of what you'd want from a perfect vacation.I'd agree that Palm beach is busier than manchebo but there is a reason for that. It is the hub for all excursions, and the boardwalk that connects all hotels and restaurants, bars outdoor entertainment and casinos is there. If you want privacy go to Baby Beach or to Fisherman <BR>Hut or any beach on the Atlantic side we found a few totally deserted beaches. <BR>The shopping is great and the restaurants superb. St John is diffently more laid back and there is the advantage that you can easily go other islands on side trips like St.Thomas of the BVI. If you like to hike etc then St John would be great but if your after a little bit of everything then you can sure Aruba would fit the bill. There are more small type of resorts on ST John that may give you the privacy you want. Have a great time whereever you choose. e-mail directly if you want more details. Karen

Christie Dec 8th, 1999 09:51 AM

You might be interested in Antigua. It has all of the things you're looking for: casinos, shopping, great beaches (365 of them to be exact), snorkeling, etc. <BR> <BR>There are lots of nice resorts on Antigua, depending what your budget allows. Here's the Official website: <BR> <BR>We went there for a week last summer and had a blast. You can run around all the time, or you can be a beach bum. Or you can do both! The island also has some really good restaurants, so if you can do a MAP, that is the best way to go!!

Lisa Dec 8th, 1999 10:06 AM

Another suggestion would be to stay on St. Thomas and take the quick ferry over to St. John. I stayed at the all-inclusive Wyndam Sugar Bay,in St. Thomas, in July for my honeymoon and highly recommend it. E-mail me if you want details about the resort or island.

michael Dec 8th, 1999 12:43 PM

Thanks for the info. I've read on some postings that Aruba was too windy to sunbath is that true? Also does anyone know of any all inclusive resorts on Manchebo, Baby beach or the Atlantic side of Aruba? <BR> <BR>I'll also check that Antigua website!!

karen Dec 8th, 1999 02:20 PM

Hi Michael: The Bushiri and the Tamarijn are both all inclusive and near Manchebo Beach. I'm not keen on all in-clusive for an Island as safe and as easy to get around as Aruba is. You will really miss out on some neat dining experiences ect by staying on one resort ( an island like Jamaica or Dominican Republic were you may not want to wander or where there aren't as many great dining opportunities are better all inclusive islands). The LaCabana on Eagle beach is very close to both Palm Beach and to manchebo beach and found there semi inclusive plan to be a good alternative. There are not resorts on the Atlantic side but the beaches at Anducuri and at Dos Playa are very private. There is also the Sonesta Resort that has its own private island for sunning and swimming. We find the wind stronger after May than during the winter season in Aruba. These beaches are some of the finest in the world I wouldn't let a little trade wind keep me from enjoying Aruba. One caution about the breeze it makes you feel a little cooler and therefore you have a tendency to stay out in the sun to long. I wanted to get a little colour in 20 minutes i got alot of colour! Karen

Emily Connolly Dec 10th, 1999 12:31 PM

What month are you getting married?? If it's in the hurricane time zones ( July - Nov) Aruba is a better choice.

Karen Dec 12th, 1999 07:28 PM

I am certainly not unbiased when comparing St. John to Aruba ... assuming you mean St. John, USVI, not St. John's that you mention in the post that is the capital of Antigua. St. John will offer you the privacy to twiddle your thumbs or snorkle to your heart's content on some of the best pristine Caribb beaches although you will find the "touristy" ones too ... if you want! When bored, you can hop a ferry to St. Thomas and shop til you drop ... although I can't imagine doing so! You can also day trip to many BVI wonderful beaches, sail, scuba and jeep to some of the more "private" beaches or take advantage of the Nat'l Park Service activities there! There are only two "resorts" on St. John, Caneel Bay, with its seven wonderful beaches and the Westin which falls far short of its promises! As most of the island is Nat'l Park, it remains fairly undeveloped and less hectic than many islands. There are few properties that are directly on the water on St. John but you will probably want to rent a jeep to try some of the more remote spots! Aruba is the opposite. I found it very commerical, very Americanized and much too busy and "touristy." The hi rises and time shares that blot the beaches there are not what you will find on St. John nor will you feel you are in an American suburb on St. John! The wind made the Aruba beach very uncomfortable as it blasted sand that hurt continuously but I understand some months are worse (spring) than others with August thru November being the least windy. Those Divi Divi trees are bent over for a reason! But you will find more "action" on Aruba if that is what you seek with casinos and party buses and the like. As far as hurricanes, Aruba has been visited less frequently by them but before you book anywhere during hurricane season, make sure that travel insurance for hurricane interruptions in included. You might also check on the recent weather in Aruba when you hear about the "always wonderful" weather there! I have visited Aruba one time only and will not return but continue to visit St. John at least three times yearly! In fact was there on Thursday and have to endure 6 weeks of cold before returning!

Jim Dec 13th, 1999 03:49 AM

Michael, I have to agree with Karen. St. John is very good for a honeymoon. You will feel like you are on a remote tropical island. There are no high rises, and only two real resorts to speak of (Westin and Caneel Bay), although, I strongly recommend renting a private villa for a lot of good reasons -- biggest one for you probably would be privacy. <BR> <BR>With only 3,500 full time residents and 75% of the land designated as a National Park, what you will experience is fewer people and more beautiful scenery. If you want action, island hop for a day to Jost Van Dyke, or St. Thomas, or Virgin Gorda. There are plenty of places to shop on St. John for me, but 10x that number on St. Thomas. TONS of good snorkeling places. You can get a guide and go fishing, or rent your own boat and tour the island. <BR> <BR>What you will not get with St. John is a lot of commercialization, high rise resorts, or white gloved doormen. I've never been to Aruba (and am not implying that you get these things if you were to go there). I'd go to St. John in a minute. <BR> <BR>- Jim

Mike Dec 23rd, 1999 03:09 PM

ST. John.....a must! If you like seclueded beaches, snorkeling, hiking, great people, great restuarants. If you need to shop, hop the ferry to St. Thomas. If you want to party - Woody's. you want a romantic dinner - Paradiso, Asolare and Chateau Bordeaux

rebecca Dec 26th, 1999 06:14 AM

I haven't been to Aruba or St. John, but I've been to a number of Islands in the Caribbean. By far, Barbados was the best! It's gorgeous, has wonderful restaurants and great nightlife. The people are friendlier than on any other Island I have been to. We considered going back for our honeymoon which will be this year, but wanted to try somewhere new since we've been to Barbados 3 times (we opted for Italy), but I recommend you look into it. If you have ANY questions, feel free to send me an email. Congratulations <BR> <BR>Congratulations!

waggie Jan 5th, 2000 08:50 PM

Of the islands previously discussed, my vote would be for St. John!

Eudene Jan 11th, 2000 12:32 PM

Been to both Aruba and St. John. St. John was great, loved the beaches, the people, and had a wonderful time. We hired a jeep and explored as many bays as we could. Aruba is fine if you love casinos, nightclubs and lots of shopping. It has no culture, the people were friendly but distant, the wind was annoying and the beaches were not that great. We'll never go back.

Michael Jan 11th, 2000 01:10 PM

We have decided to go with St. John because of the overwhelming opionons of St. John versus Aruba. I'm sure that St. John is a little more $$$ but it seems to be a better fit for us. If anyone has stayed at a place they really like in St. John, please let me know. I am currently looking for a condo to rent in April. <BR> <BR>Thanks!

sue Jan 11th, 2000 03:28 PM

<BR>Michael,if you can afford it Caneel bay is the place to stay the beaches alone are worth it . I think that it is the perfect place for a honeymoon .

Leslie Jan 11th, 2000 07:43 PM

Michael, <BR>Check out <BR>After extensive research for my honeymoon, I booked the Sago Cottage. I'm not there yet but am looking forward to it in March. Get busy, it's high season and things are booking up fast. <BR>Congratulations and Happy Honeymooning! <BR> <BR>Leslie

Joe Jan 12th, 2000 08:29 AM

Michael; Check out Gallows Point, Cruz Bay in SJ. They have a honeymoon package that is a pretty decent deal. Certainly not as expensive as Caneel and you can enjoy the eateries and bars in town in the evening and walk back to your condo. I have been to SJ a couple of times and will be going back in Feb to stay at Gallows for the first time. My last two trips convinced me to stay closer into town because we like to explore the different beaches without being stuck in one place and it is pretty easy to drive around the island. Cruz Bay is a nice town, not too big and safe to walk around in even in the evenings. It amazes me how many folks on this board like Caneel, it is nice and the beaches are some of the finest, but I can make my money go a lot further without all the foo-foo of Caneel and enjoy the exploring on the island. Great island.

Susie Jan 12th, 2000 10:14 AM

Message: Michael <BR> <BR>We sent to St. John in April 1999. It was absolutely wonderful. We stayed at the private villa Moonsong and it was breathtaking. It is one of the smaller villas(2 BR) but the masterbedroom had doors opening onto the deck and overlooked the ocean. At night their were views of St. Thomas and also a jacuzzi to view the stars. We rented a jeep for the week and also did some sailing to the British Virgin Islands and shopping in St. Thomas. Checkout

Susie Jan 12th, 2000 10:16 AM

Ooops! Sorry for the typos.

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