Nassau, Bahamas


Mar 3rd, 1997, 02:00 PM
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Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is very touristy...some of it is ok though. I liked the strawmarket. Lots of inexpensive straw woven articles. The nicest beaches are on paradise island...Nightlife...casinos. There are little minivans that will take you around..We walked everywhere we could in the daytime...but always rode at night.Cable Beach is less busy,but the term "beach" can be misleading. There are beautiful Batiks that are made on Andros Island that you can find in Nassau...Have fun..
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May 16th, 1997, 11:09 AM
Eliziane Limongi
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Hi, my name is Eliziane!
Well, I red your message and I think I can Help you.
I used to live in Nassau, Bahamas for four years now
I live in Brazil. Nassau is a beautiful island and
there are many places to go like if you stay in Crystal Palace at Cable Beach you have the casino, the casino show, little trips to small island around
by boat, the hotel disco. You can ask to go to Coral world is a aquarium in the sea. In downtown you have many shops and you don't have to pay tax when you buy something. Then, you can go to Paradise Island there are disco, another casino, theater, cloisters, Blue lagoon, etc... You need to be carefull like in anywhere else and have fun.
Anything else get in touch. I really love that island.
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Jun 10th, 1997, 11:16 PM
Bob Fry
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Would you recommend the Radisson Cable Beach or the Atlantis Paradise Island for a family of four (kids are 7 and 10)? We are having such trouble deciding which would be better. Radisson has an all-inclusive which would be nice, however, Atlantis seems to have more activities.

Thanks for any help.

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