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Trip Report My Topic Title IN the postcard

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So. I don't usually do tr ( not only because of what it means in French) but ok let us go for once.

All in all a not so crammed holiday with a lot of beaches, snorkeling and restaurants and family time. Some excursions.

What we didn’t do (and didn’t miss) were shopping and nightlife. Well we did a lot of nightlife but these were more restaurants, barbecues and rosé wine…

We were 4 and joined our eldest daughter who left a few days after we arrived.

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    So I started to mess with the title...

    We had an uneventful journey arriving at princess Juliana airport around 3pm. Waited 15 min to have the shuttle bring us to Europcar which was a good 5 min on foot. Ok gave opportunity to chat with nice guys from Minnesota

    Arrived at cul de sac after 30 min drive. Of which 10 to wait for the new bridge to allow us to go through : this bridge rotates 90 degrees to allow ships to
    enter or leave. Airport is located bottom left (southwest if you prefer) of the island and we went center top ( north). It gives an idea of the size of the island.

    The Island is separated between French part (north) and Dutch part. Guys living in Dutch part don't always speak Dutch.
    We stayed in French part
    Pros :
    Civilized people speaking a correct language (yerk yerk)
    Good food
    Less developed ( much less hotels)
    Nature more present.
    Cons :
    Am I biased ?

    Roads are globally ok circulation can be awful around 5 at Marigot (the big city). So consider never to go above 70 kph. Lots of hills - that makes the island so beautiful when you reach it by sea and gives superb sights.

    We went to a nice restaurant with friends on that first day - you eat fairly well on St Martin ! A Mexican one…

    On Sunday we did some food shopping and went to a great restaurant at Anse Marcel (called Anse Marcek resort..) - superb beach. We ate in 'cases' (huts), in front of the sea, the world belonged to us.

    On Monday I made several mistakes :
    We rented jet skis for a 4 hours ride (too long). Then I accepted the young guys to decide on the journey (they chose the rough path)
    I played along like I was 20.
    Result : fantastic day.
    Collateral results :
    Couldn't walk stand nor seat the next 2 days ....
    And I forgot to put suncream on my legs -> got lobster legs.
    Jet ski were at Marigot on the marina. Fantastic – start with a one hour ride….

    On Tuesday we went on Pinel island and after accompanied our eldest daughter (some would say DD) back to airport.
    Finished at ‘palm beach’ a very nice resort on another superb beach. Cocktail.

    Wednesday was another excursion. We rented a boat from Pascal : [email protected] it is a sonic boat 2*430 horsepower. Goes to 140 kph we stayed at cruise speed of 70.
    Pascal is a nice and knowledgeable guy living in St martin since several decades. His boat is great and perfectly maintained. He has one of these infectious smiles that makes everybody like him.
    So we went to Anguilla. Stopping 4 times - it is an advantage of a fast boat : on top of being fun you see more as you lose less time in travel.
    Prickly pears was great for snorkeling on coral reef as was another place. Shoal bay we ate at deariman I had a lobster pizza. Hmmmm.
    We ended upon another restaurant for dinner - sea gets you hungry - at grand case where we had surf and turf but not so great.

    On Thursday we went to 'Baies rouges' (red berries) and 'basses terres' and spend half a day on the beach eating at a Lolo. Quite nice but rough sea so had to be careful for a swim. Some nudists on the beach there.

    Friday spent partly on Pinel island again and snorkeling then going to 'oyster pond' where we had some cocktails at the marina. And saw the sun go down - what a moment.

    The evening was spent at Ocean 82 where we had an excellent meal.

    Sat was cool entirely spent on Pinel wirh those guys coming in expensive boats with loud music.
    We were caught in some current and had some difficulty coming back with our canoes. Beware ! Life on the beach can be tough ....
    Got some take away food at ‘villa pizza’. Excellent

    Back to Anguilla to the dolphin resort Close to the ferry. Absolutely lovely - we had a great time. We swam with two Dolphins for quite a time. Hannibal and Gaia both young of 8. Personal is half Mexican half whatever they all speak English Spanish and French - we didn't try other languages Lol. All very very nice. No rush we had it all for ourselves. Expensive but a lot less than in Mexico.
    Then we went to 'sandy grounds' for a swim and back to the ferry.
    Transportation is a rip off - we paid for our group of 7 : 240 $ for the ferry St Martin Anguilla plus 65$ of taxes and 68$ for the taxi to and from 'sandy ground'. A boat for a day could have done it.

    Immigration in Anguilla is crazy it takes ages. Gave us a the opportunity to meet a couple of disagreeable US arrogant and grumpy guys. Back in Marigot we got stuck in traffic jams due to carnival. A Lolo in grand case restored us in good shape.

    Monday was a day to recover. Beach cocktail and nothing else. We went to ‘happy bay’ - absolutely lovely. You have to walk 20 min through an old 5 stars complex before finding the beach. Unfortunately the beach is also full of 'culs nus' these 'naturists' carrying 30 kgms of stuff to avoid contact with sand but who want to expose all their skin. And even I am less fat and younger than them so no hope to catch sight of a nice body ...

    Tuesday we went to some snorkeling close by with octopus company. Not too expensive and we wanted to be accompanied.
    The lady at the shop speaks perfect French and probably some English since she is from NYC. Mike pilots the boat and Tom does the scuba diving. We saw some nice fishes and a barracuda under Creole Rock and went to turtle reef where we did see 2 turtles. We followed one for quite some time and ended up quite tired.
    The rest of the day was spent lazily with friends around a barbecue…

    Wednesday was even quieter (by then the outdoors activities and the long dinners had taken their tolls so we would wake up late in the morning) but we managed to have a nice walk/hike at Pic Paradis with bluffing sights of the island.

    Thursday we went on 'Tintamarre' (loud noise – why did the island get that name we have no idea), a deserted island – fabulous again. (Of course some more culs nus…). Some saw turtles, we didn’t but saw one land turtle on the island (we walked round it). We embarked on the ‘port/pier/embarcadère’ of cul de sac with a fisherman for 20 e/pp.

    Friday was again lazy we ended up an another beach (trou david) close to baies rouges. Saturday was our last day that we spent again on Pinel island.

    An uneventful journey back. Giving back the car took about 5 min (including taking pics of dashboard and vehicle – one never knows), shuttle to the airport, easy access through security and control, plane on time (well late on departure, on time on arrival – as is often the case). We flew with Air Caraibes, a relatively old plane with no recent gear (such as no choice of movies and just one screen in the central rows of the first half of the plane. Air Caraibes has a strange choice of movie : we had one on Alzheimer on the way in and one on euthasania on the way back – joyous  )

    I spent my holiday telling myself 'what a happy man I'm to be here with my family'. Wishing you the same should you want to go too.

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    thanks for the TR [whatever that means in french - lol!] whathello. I'm not likely to get back to the Caribbean any time soon, but it's still fun reading about the experience of others, good, bad and indifferent.

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