Most economical way to visit Bermuda?

Old May 31st, 2001, 10:25 AM
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Most economical way to visit Bermuda?

Is it better to try to book the hotel and flight yourself or to use a travel site or agency? I would love to stay at "The Reefs" in Bermuda but I can't afford to spend as much as they are asking on their site. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to find a better deal?
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I shop around and compare prices. Sometimes it's cheaper to go with an airlines vacation package. I've also found that by calling the hotel there are promotions and specials that aren't listed on the website but they'll tell you if you ask.
Old Jun 1st, 2001, 08:12 PM
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Don't Go! (Seriously, I don't think it is possible to be economical in Bermuda. However, it is a beautiful country with great people and is worth every penny.)
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You might look into an apartment with a kitchen. Share between a few people these can be reasonably priced compared to the resorts. You also won't have to eat out every meal. Utilize public transportation rather than cabs.
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We believe the most economical way is via a cruise. Use the ship as a hotel. Rent a moped and and go. My husband and I did this. We would have breakfast on the ship, take a snack with us and leave for the day. Come back in the evening for dinner, etc. You can get some fairly inexpensive cruise rates to Bermuda.
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There are 2 deals on Bermuda. The busses & the private apartments that families rent out. Do a search for Keyguide + Bermuda. Then look at private rentals. We always book our air seperately. Fares jump around plus I can usually find a coupon for a companion fare.
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You might be a free day at the Reefs w/stay occassionally, but that's the best I've seen. Off season's better of course.
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I would agree with previous posts - do a cruise. Meals and accommodations can get expensive whereas with a cruise, these are already factored in. However, if you do decide to do a private accommodation with kitchen facilities, I would recommend bringing some of your staples with you to reduce costs. We always take enough for at least 3 dinners and stuff for snacks/lunches. We get our local butcher to flash freeze our meat which never unthaws by the time we get to Bermuda. I also take coffee, rice, frozen juice, sandwich meat, barbeque sauce/spices, etc. A loaf of bread at the store is around $3.50/loaf US so groceries can get expensive. A typical lunch at a pub with drinks will run you around $50 to $75 US (tip included)
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Parrot Mom
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The most economical way of visiting Bermuda is by cruise ship.. That said.. go These people know everything and every bed and breakfast, hotel, etc. We have just cruised back for the 9th time..
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Cruise the the most cost effective way to see Bermuda. The ship is your floating hotel and restaurant. Rent a scooter and enjoy.

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