Marijuana laws in Jamaica


Jul 30th, 1997, 11:33 AM
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Marijuana laws in Jamaica

Are there laws against using marijuana in Jamaica? If so, are they strictly enforced. I am going there next month and don't want exposure to secondhand smoke. Thanks

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Jul 30th, 1997, 01:20 PM
Jean E. Bowers
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If I learned one thing about Jamaica it is that I never want to spend any time behind bars. Yes they inforce the drug laws but you have no idea who is police and who is not. You will be in many,many places where drugs and sold and smoked. Everything and anything is sold on the street including fake Jamaican currency. If you exchange currency and use the fake money it may be taken from you and you will not be reimbursed. Legal exchange is 32 to 34 Jamaican dollars to one U.S. With a drug charge they take your passport and return plane ticket. Have a safe vacation.
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