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BellaClaire Jul 7th, 2011 03:34 PM

Majestic Elegance - Punta Cana
Hello - Has anyone stayed at the Majestic Elegance? If so - what did you think - how was the beach, room, food, etc. - Did anyone book the Elegance Club - if so - was it worth it? Appreciate your insight!

janeq Jul 13th, 2011 04:23 PM

I stayed there this past January. It was the first time at an all inclusive, so I don't have anything to compare to. That being said, the beach was very nice, the resort grounds were beautiful and not too large, the room very large and had an in room jacuzzi tub. Food was hit and miss, some items very good, many average, some sub-par, but it would be hard to go hungry there.

We did book the Elegance club, mostly because we wanted to be in rooms closer to the beach and have access to the adults only pools that are associated with the club (those pools also have bali beds). So for us, it was worth it. You also get free internet in the club and they have snacks available all day.

janeq Jul 13th, 2011 04:25 PM

I forgot to add, if you check on Tripadvisor, there are tons of reviews for this resort.

BellaClaire Jul 15th, 2011 04:12 PM

Thank you Janeq - if you don't mind, I have a a few more was the weather that time of year, and was there seaweed on the beach?

janeq Jul 16th, 2011 04:07 AM

Weather- the week we were there in January was absolutely beautiful, in the 80"s and sunny-- the only rain I recall was it had rained very early one morning, and one time in the evening for an hour or so. It was breezy at the start of the week, and as a result the ocean water was on the choppy side (but for us still swimmable, able to body surf) and as the week progressed the winds were less and the water was calmer. I believe from my research, the calmest waters are at the resorts on the bottom half of Punta Cana, closer down the way toward the airport. I grew up in FL, I like warm water--- In PC at that time of year, the ocean water initially felt chilly and I had to go in slowly, but once I was able to dunk my body once, it felt comfortable and refreshing. I'd guess water temp was mid-high 70'sF. On the other hand, the swimming pool water was way too cold for me.

Seaweed was not an issue in front of the ME when we were there. We had walked north from the resort, and noted that in front of a couple places up there, the seaweed was bad--- I do not know if this is usual or if it migrates to different areas depending on conditions.

Having never been to an AI, we enjoyed our experience there and felt it was good value, I would not say it is a truly 4-5 star resort/food/service by world standards,and service was not flawless by any means, but the property was beautiful, and the staff were friendly and really seemed to be trying for the most part.

Another thing to manage your expectations if you stay there in the club-- don't expect a lot from the "butler" thing-- I would not call it a butler service, almost closer to a conceirge type thing. Our guy gave us a tour of the property and showed us our room the first day and gave us a sheet where we could mark if we wanted certain services (we never turned the sheet in, as we did not really care about having aromatherapy in the room or someone running a bath for me at a certain time), and we never saw him again. He did leave us a note the 2nd day saying he would be off a few days and the name of someone else who was covering for him, whom we never did meet the rest of our stay. Again, for us this was not a deal breaker, as that was not a deciding factor in our choosing the club and we do not desire special attention, but if its important to you, beware.

Happy Travels.

BellaClaire Jul 18th, 2011 03:57 PM

Thank you Janeq... I appreciate your insight. Hope you don't mind..If I (or my traveling mates) think of more questions - I may ping you for more info! I went to Punta Cana 5-6 years ago - stayed at a Sunscape (I think it's changed owners/name/management)....I hated it..a big truck would come in each morning and "rake" the seaweed off the was still at the shoreline however - once you got beyond it - it was really nice....the time of year I went was rained every day...all that said....people are saying certain places are the best beaches they've seen, etc...and if you want to go to an all-inclusive - it appears to be Jamaica, Mexico, or DR....I know there are other places..they seem to be the popular ones...anyways....I sincerely appreciate the info.

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