Maho Bay 4hour Work Program?


Aug 15th, 1998, 07:52 AM
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Maho Bay 4hour Work Program?

I am wondering if anyone has been in the "4 hour work program" at Mayo Bay Campground or knows anything about it. If you have, can you tell me about it. Was it a good experience? Would you recommend it?
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Aug 15th, 1998, 06:16 PM
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Aaron I spent 2 weeks at Maho during July and although I was not in the program I met folks who were. Remember it's only active in the "off" season .From everything I observed it looks to be a great deal, members are of all ages and the deal is 28 hours of work per week(handyman,kitchen,store,woodwork,landscape trimming.etc.).The work schedule is flexible and subject to negotation as long as it adds up to 28 hours.In return you get sleeping accommadations and 40% discount on meals. Check for an 800# to call for more info. GOOD LUCK!!
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