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Mary Dec 12th, 2001 02:39 PM

Logan Airport in Boston
I have booked a 9:10 a.m. flight from Boston to St. Thomas early next month. How early should I arrive at the American Airlines desk?

Chris Dec 12th, 2001 02:59 PM

Mary, perhaps the best thing to do (IMO) is call AA and ask. It is hard to predict how busy it will be on the particular day you leave. We just travelled from Logan to Albuquerque. Our flight was at 8AM so we were there by 6:30AM, no line, checked in and had plenty of time to spare. Not long ago my husband took the same flight and said there was a huge line. It's hard to tell. Better to call the airline and ask their policy. Have a great trip!

John Dec 13th, 2001 05:27 AM

We just flew BOS-SJU on the 6.50am AA flight. Arrived at 4 am. <BR>There are several large early AA flights (Miami, NY, DFW, SJU). Getting them off is chaos, primarily because there are not enough counter agents. At 4 am only about 3 or 4. They start coming in as the morming gets on. By 7 am, there is pretty much a full compliment.<BR>Security does not open until 4.30am. Already a long line formed by that time.<BR>Getting thru security is not bad. There is an "extra" step of being screened by the National Guard.<BR>AA is very cognizant of getting you on their plane. They preferentially call flights to get people thru checkin and security. They will hold a flight if not everyone has gotten thru.<BR><BR>Mary, I would guestimate by the time you have to check in the early flights will be cleared out and if you got there by 7.30 you would be ok. YOur flight is not "International" since STT is US. (If you don't check luggage and can go directly thru security, an even later appearance should do.<BR>All the chaos asside it only took us about 20 min to get thru security. (we did not check luggage). We could have gotten there at 5.30am and been fine (with time to pick up some food. They don not have food service on board anymore.)

sharona Dec 13th, 2001 04:19 PM

Hi Mary. I must have been particularly unlucky then because my experience was completely different from Chris's and John's. I had a 6:50 a.m. AA flight to San Juan and because of the ticket and security lines the plane didn't leave until almost 8:30. It's good that the planes don't depart until everyone is onboard but my connection out of San Juan was tight and I was sweating bullets the whole time. Because of the long lines at Logan, there was no chance to get any breakfast other than Dunkin Donuts while standing in the check-in line and because of our late departure there was no time to get lunch in San Juan either. So we basically went without breakfast and lunch. As John mentioned American no longer serves food on the Caribbean flights. I called AA prior to our trip and they suggested that we be at the airport by 4:00 a.m. <BR><BR>Good luck.

Anita Dec 13th, 2001 04:23 PM

Hi, Mary<BR><BR>I usually fly charter, so there's no assigned seating. Therefore, in order to get the "best(?)" seats, the earlier you get there, the better. I would just get the idea of getting there at 6:00. Grab coffee and something to eat...and a good book. You're going to a wonderful place, so a day of travel and waiting around should be expected. If you have assigned seating, I'd still probably get there at 6:00, just because of having to check baggage, especially with AA. Anyway, 6:00 would be my input. Bye!

Mary Dec 13th, 2001 05:00 PM

Thanks for all your input........I forgot to mention that my flight is 9:10 a.m. on a SUNDAY......does that make a difference?

John Dec 14th, 2001 10:35 AM

Sunday means more cruise ship and vacationers traveling. Long lines early. I think by the time you want to go the waits should be reasonable. For a 9.10 flight I would get there between 7 and 7.30.

ilene Dec 17th, 2001 06:46 AM

Just took the 6:50 to San Juan last Monday from Logan. We got there at 4:45 and almost missed the flight. The flight left on time even though I think some people missed the flight (I remember some people behind me in line whom I didn't see on the flight). Had to wait an hour to check in bags and an hour to go through security. Logan gets really backed up at that hour because security doesn't open until 5 so everyone on all hte flights is waiting by then. I'd get there by at least 6:30 and bring something with you to eat because if you are traveling alone you won't be able to get out of line. Between layoffs at the airline and reduced security there are very few airport personnel to check all these people in. Also to anyone traveling to San Juan - get there early!! I have never seen travelers bring so much luggage in my life.

???? Jan 10th, 2002 06:56 PM

Does anyone know if you have to go through customs when you come back from STT to the States. I know the USVI are uhe United States, but I wasn't sure!

xx Jan 11th, 2002 07:28 AM

Yes, you go through customs when you return to the states from St. Thomas. You do not go through them when entering St. Thomas.

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