Land excursions to San Juan

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Land excursions to San Juan

We are going on a cruise and we are stopping at San Juan, Puerto Rico, for part of a day.
WE have to chose an activity to do, and we are unsure as to what to chose. One of the choices is Kayaking the "Espiritu Santo" River, for a 4 1/2 hour tour, ending up at Coco beach. Is this beautiful, and can a person take their camera with them on the kayak, or do you get wet on the kayak? The other choice is the El Yunque Rain Forest. It is a tour that takes you to a tree nursery and experimental station, and then to the U.S. National Caribbean Forest, and you are supposed to see beautiful cascades and waterfalls, etc. Is this as nice as they make it sound. Is it worth the time, and do you see lots of panaramic views of the ocean and shore line? Thanks for any recommendations.
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Every time we have tried to go to the rain forest, it rained so hard we couldn't get out of the bus and we didn't get to see anything! (No joke!)

If I only had a short time in San Juan, I would spend my time in Old San Juan. There are some interesting sights, shops, bars and two great old forts to explore. I never get tired of wandering around there. Depending on where your ship docks, you could be w/i walking distance.
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Can't comment on the kayaking, but I think the El Yunque trip is a winner. When I lived in San Juan, I went to El Yunque a couple of times. Great hiking if you want to, great views, waterfalls, flowers, hummingbirds, just a very pretty place. There is a tower you can climb -- not too high, not too steep-- that gives great views down to the ocean.
Hope someone can give you a response on the kayaking, but El Yunque is worth the trip --- in my opinion.
Of course, wandering around Old San Juan isn't a bad deal either. Art galleries, craft shops, restaurants, and wonderful little bars where a rum and almost anything with some ice is a refreshing break.
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Mike, what's a good time to visit PR that you don't get a lot of rain? I have been there about 5 times and have yet to have dry times! I was totally serious about the rain forest...the last time we were there the roads were flooded and they closed the place!
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Mike is right in saying El Yunque is a good visit if you get to hike some of the trails.One of the problems with a ship' tour is you usually don't have enough time to do anything but take a short walk.
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I've heard good things about El Yunque but I don't know anything about kayaking the Espiritu Santo. Where did you find out about that? It sounds worth investigating.
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I'll chime in with my vote for El Yunque. I haved lived about 10 minutes from there for the past 6 months. In all the times I have been there (at least 10), I have never had so much rain that I couldn't hike. I am sure you will be limited in how much you can hike (and where you can hike) because you are on a tour, but there are many beautiful short hikes and even a beautiful waterfall visible from the road.

I am interested in the Espiritu Santo kayaking trip. I haven't heard about that and am going to look into it. When is your cruise? Maybe I'll have a chance to do it before you need to pick your escursions.
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EcoXcursion Aqatica on rt. 191 in Rio Grande offers kayak tours. Phone number is (787) 888-2887

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