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Jack and Elaine Oct 26th, 2000 08:24 AM

La Samanna (St. Martin) or Malliouhana (Anguilla)
HELP!!! <BR>We're planning to get married ("elope"!) AND honeymoon in the Caribbean this winter. We've done a lot of research and are looking for the most elegant and luxurious resort for 6 or 7 nights, under $7000 including airfare. <BR>The jacuzzi suite at Malliouhana sounds so romantic. And La Samanna in St. Martin also got excellent reviews. Has any one been to either resort? (Our priorities, in order, are: best food, best room, best beach, shopping/sightseeing, and safety). <BR>Thanks!

Penny Oct 26th, 2000 12:57 PM

Hi - I will try to help. First of all I love Anguilla,we have been there several times. Since we fly into St. Martin and then take the ferry to Anguilla we deceided to spend 5 nights on St. Martin. We stayed at La Samanna,it was very nice but I was disappointed. We stayed in a ocean front suite,the beach at area was very rocky,this might have changed as this was a few months after hurricane Luis.The dining pavilion was lovely,this area is on a cliff area overlooking the beach,this reminded me of Mallliouhana. The white beach villas reminded me of Cap Juluca. Both of these hotel were built in the eighties. <BR>We enjoyed buying French wine and cheese in busy Marigot. We enjoyed dining in Grand Case. The food in St. Martin is excellent. The other beaches were very very busy,Orient Point was a zoo. I am glad I stayed in St. Martin but it was too busy for me,we did not set foot in a casino,and the trafic was annoying. WE were always careful to lock our car, as the lowland area had a problem in the past. <BR> Since we stay at Cap Juluca, I cannot comment on the rooms at Malliuhana,but Meads Bay is a much better beach than Baie long at La Sammanna. The food and wine at Malliouhana is first class. Anguilla is easy to get around,has wonderful restaurants and beach bars,uncrowded beaches and sweet hard woking people. You can over on the ferry to shop in Marigot. <BR>I would highly recomend Anguilla,if you love beaches,seafood,good food and a very relaxing atmosphere. Malliouhana is raved about and is a wonderful resort. Anguilla is a safe tranquill island. <BR>Hope this helps.

Eileen Oct 27th, 2000 05:23 AM

I do a lot of travel research and there have been lots of negative comments about La Samanna. Wine Spectator did name it one of the top Caribbean resorts but then had quite a bit negative to say in its article, as did a book Top 100 Resorts in the Caribbean. The consensus seems to be that the rooms are small, the place is slipping in general and not worth it for what you pay.

Sue Oct 27th, 2000 04:01 PM

<BR>My vote is for Anguilla its a great island,secluded beaches and great restaurants. We did not stay at Malliouhana but have heard good things also the new cuisanart is getting good reviews.Yo will not go wrong choosing Anguilla we can not wait to return!

Ian Oct 30th, 2000 01:38 PM

There have been alot of talk on this forum about the rise in crime in St. Maarten, and I never really worried about crime myself too much, but I had a friend who recently made a trip to St. Maarten and stayed at the La Samanna, and it has changed my attitude. The night before he was to leave St. Maarten he and his wife packed his bags and set them next to their bed for the next morning. Apparently as he and his wife slept, someone broke in through the second floor balcony sliding glass door, entered their bedroom, dragged thier lugguge out of the bedroom and then managed to steal everything of value including all of their money. They were OK, but he just couldn't beleive that he didn't wake up, and was shocked at what could have happened to them. He felt that the person(s)that broke into their room was connected to the hotel, and that theif knew that they were leaving the next day. The hotel did absolutely nothing to the help the couple, and acted as if it was "no big deal".

McGruff Oct 30th, 2000 02:45 PM

That is a terrible story. They are lucky that they are sound sleepers. Now I am going to triple check locking my vacation room when we are asleep. I am a light sleeper!!I had heard storis like this from jamacia-and yes it can happen anywhere.

Jack and Elaine Nov 17th, 2000 06:33 AM

Thanks for all the advice! We decided on the Malliouhana in Anguilla, and hope it's safer than St. Martin!! We'll let you know how it turns out....

Penny Nov 20th, 2000 01:57 AM

We just got back from our 9th trip to Anguilla. You will love the friendly,sweet people on the island. We had a great dinner at Malliouhana,it is a beautiful hotel,perfect choice. There are many excellent restaurants on the island so make sure you dine outside the hotel.

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