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Amy Nov 14th, 2000 03:48 PM

Just Back From Atlantis....
We just returned back from a trip to Atlantis Resort and had a fantastic time. The property is incredible with fish tanks, water slides, and great architecture - something to new to see everytime you turn around. We stayed in the Royal Towers and the room was beautifully decorated with a fantastic ocean view. We did the American Meal Plan which was fine since we were only there for 4 nights and it was very convenient. Anyone have questions please ask.

marco Nov 14th, 2000 09:37 PM

My wife and I walked through part of the Atlantis last year and it is lovely. We are tempted to stay there but we have 3 kids and the room prices just seem so high (we'd need 2 rooms. Were you able to get reasonable room rates and if so, from what source? Thanks for the info!

Amy Nov 16th, 2000 09:47 AM

We did stay in the Royal Towers which are more expensive. However, while we were there they had the beach towers completely closed and the were gutting and rehabbing the entire building - I think room ran for around $175 - $200 there and with the remodeling they should be pretty nice. The Royal Towers where we stayed ran around $300 to $350 a night. If you check on there web site they do have some air inclusive packages that may be more econmical.

Gail Nov 16th, 2000 04:19 PM

I don't know where you live, but if you find a travel agent who handles Apple Vacations of GoGo Tour vacations, you can get some great package deals to Atlantis.

carol Nov 28th, 2000 08:18 AM

We'll be heading to the Atlantis in March. Looks like we'll be staying at the Beach Towers. The prices we were quoted were $387 per person. I've heard the food prices are outrageous. With two teens, I'm afraid I'll go bankrupt.Any thoughts on this and the beach towers?

Carla Dec 7th, 2000 04:21 PM

Carol, <BR>I would just make sure that any major construction within Beach Towers has ended. I knew they were up to something when I stayed in the Beach Towers last March and their upkeep had really been let go - some favorite restaurants had been closed down, cleanliness factor low, etc.; while the Coral and Royal Towers were maintained properly. <BR>I hope the renovations improve them. <BR> <BR>Yes - there are a couple of more economical restaurants. A fifties style place near the Marina that lots of families and others go to, and one restaurant that was in the Casino - can't recall the exact name now. There is a great ice cream shop that many people head to for a cone and a post dinner walk (also by the Marina). Other restaurants are expensive. If you splurge any one night - go to the restaurant in the caves. It was great!

Gail Dec 7th, 2000 06:59 PM

The previous poster was referring to the Deli (by the marina) and the Atlas Bar and Grille(in the casino) Also across the street from the Atlantis is Anthony's Caribbean Grille which has reasonable prices.

Ryan Dec 10th, 2000 10:39 AM

Just got back from Atlantis. Got "walked" and had to stay the first night at the Holiday Inn. The Beach Tower is under renovation. Ways to beat the high cost of food: <BR>1. bring a box of snacks and drinks for the room <BR>2. Anthony's and the Blue Marlin (both off property; but just a five minute walk from the Coral Towers lobby). (50% cheaper than the major Atlantean restaurants) <BR>3. The Lagoon Bar and Grill is fine ($10 sandwiches); the Atlas Bar and Grill is also reasonable. <BR>4. Take the ferry into Nassau and get a real Bahamian meal at resonable cost.

Rhonda Dec 16th, 2000 12:59 PM

You were quoted $387 per NIGHT per person?(!) I just went on and the Beach Towers water view room is listed at $360 per night, double occupancy (not per person). Does your rate include airfare or food??

Liz Jan 10th, 2001 05:31 AM

We just got back from being there over Christmas break. Granted, it is a very busy travel time but it was the first trip we took during this week that was not very enjoyable. The place was packed and it was hard to walk through the main corridors. Why the resort still accepted cruise tours at that time, I don't know but it really upset a lot of us staying there that these people were only paying $25 to use the same facilities that barely had room for us. We had to get up at 6:30 am to save chairs by the pool. Other areas were not filled until 7:00 - 7:30 am. No sleeping in... Food prices were outragious and they wouldn't let us do a meal plan during that week. Service was just okay - again too many people. The grounds are so large - pretty, yes - but large enough that we bought suntan lotion at the hut rather than walk back to the room. The weather was not warm enough at that time of year, although that was a risk we took on ourselves. All in all, I wouldn't go again - even during a slower time. It's just too much and too big for me. We visited their other resort - The Ocean Club - and I kept wishing we had booked there instead. I would stay there and use Atlantis if we wanted to for a day or two.

Tobey Jan 10th, 2001 09:28 AM

Carol, <BR>We have gone to Atlantis every year for the last six years, except 2000. The first two years we stayed in the Beach Tower and had the best room ever. We stayed in one of the villas, I do not remember the number but it was on the second floor and had the best ocean view. A couple of years later we stayed in the same group of villas and had a pool view room which was ok but not much of a view. But I must say that I really liked the villas as opposed to any of the towers. The last year we stayed in the Royal Towers and had a view of construction (back of the hotel) it was ok but I missed the villa. But still loved the resort and only had to be at the pool by 9:00 to get a chair (but the last time we were there was in 1999) feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Have a great time.

Mary Jan 10th, 2001 10:30 AM

We are leaving tomorrow for four nights at Atlantis staying in the Royal Tower. When we originally tried to book there were no rooms available then we got the Beach Tower and then upgraded when rooms became available at the Coral Tower and just Friday there were a couple of rooms available at the Royal Tower. I hope we have a better exerience than Liz did. I hope it is less crowded but this is also a busy travel weekend with Monday being Martin Luther King's birthday and obviously the resort is almost sold out. I thought they did not let non hotel guests use the pools and chairs. <BR> <BR>We are travelling with three 12-13 year olds. We made dinner reservations through the concierge at Ville D Este, Bahamian Club and the Water's Edge. We get in late tomorrow night and the concierge suggested we try the Atlas Grill. Any last minute suggestions would be appreciated.

Liz Jan 11th, 2001 04:48 AM

Hi again - My original note was pretty negative but I think a lot of our disappointment was due to the weather. We went as a group of 20 relatives (including children) and barely saw each other during the day because it is that large. My own husband saw his sister-in-law one day and even joked about how he couldn't find his own family, let alone the rest. The other reason the grounds were crowded is because those staying at the Comfort Inn and The Ocean Club are allowed full use of the property as well. It seems too full during busy travel weeks and we really didn't like paying top dollar for the Royal Tower Suites and then have to get up so early to reserve seats. Some guests were paying the pool employees to save them for them but since the employees didn't get there until after 8:00 am, most of the better lounges were taken. Atlantis even had brought out a hundred or more chairs and set them up all around the grassy areas. It was bad. The water temperature couldn't have been over 70 degrees so swimming really didn't happen which made it more crowded around on the grounds. The service provided by the employees was just okay. They have a 15% tip built in all purchases - even self-serve at the snack bar. Our concierge was the best person we dealt with during the week. After one day she was already crediting our bill and sending "sorry gifts" to our room for other errors. It was a small token on their part but it's the little things that help. <BR> <BR>Anyway, for those going and wanting to eat breakfast on the grounds, I would recommend the Deli by the marina. Good food and more reasonable prices than in the Royal Tower - where a muffin, coffee and apple are close to $10.00. We had three teenagers with us and would have loved to be on a meal plan. I think the food ended up costing more than our rooms by the end of the week - easily. I would send the kids to the buffet where they could eat and eat while my husband and I went to the Deli. Nighttime temperatures were chilly so be prepared with a light jacket or sweater. The weather on The Weather Channel was always wrong so just go day by day. <BR> <BR>Liz

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