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FamilyofFour Aug 30th, 2002 04:33 AM

Just Back - Comfort Suites Paradise Island
Just back, 5 days family of four, 7yr girl, 10 yr boy. Comfort Suites - was a great choice, as we saw the Beach Tower rooms in the Atlantis which were tiny compared to ours. The walk was just across the street. Breakfast was included and is just enough and saves lots of money. When pools closed at Atlantis (5:30), kids swam in our pool for a bit more. Also ordered Dominoes to deliver to hotel when everyone was too tired to go out. Atlantis - great for the kids - wouldn't go if I was just with my husband, too crowded. The lines alone at the reception desk for checking-in and out was enough to know that our choice for Comfort Suites was the best for us. Food was expensive, but we had the family lunch at Shark Bites for $22 and also ate big lunches at the Marketplace buffet. Camp was not all that great and know ahead that the age groups are 4-6, 7-8, 9-12. Lastly - I read alot of positive and negative things about Atlantis here, but you really do need to go there to see if it's for you. The crowded pools disgusted me, the water was warm and dirty, but the ocean was beautiful. There were so many people, but we walked through the Dig at night virtually undisturbed. I would only go back with my kids. Lastly, I did read on this board you could walk to town "just over the bridge". Well, the bridge is high and big and there was no way we were going to get our kids to walk over it.

Vince Aug 30th, 2002 06:36 AM

Notice to researchers: I think the above is an extremely accurate, realistic description of Atlantis.<BR>Tells it like it is, pro and con.<BR>Many people simply bash Atlantis because it's 'fashionable' here at this board. Some people defend it vehemently. The truth is somewhere in between.

nina Aug 30th, 2002 07:54 AM

Thanks for the report Family. We were thinking of doing the exact same thing, staying at the CS to use the pools, and bringing our boys who love waterparks. I would also never go with just my husband, he would hate it, but it sounds like a great trip for the kids. How long did you stay? I was thinking 4 nights would be enough. Did you go anywhere alse on the island? Was the beach crowded, or just the pool area? Thanks.

Gail Aug 30th, 2002 05:40 PM

The Atlantis has several (I think 11) different pools. Not all of them are overcrowded. We found the one by the Coral Towers usually wasn't too bad. We never had any trouble finding a great spot and getting a chair on the beach. <BR> I agree about the walk to town. That bridge is very LOOOOOONG! There are some local restaurants within walking distance of the Atlantis that offer decent food at a reasonable price.

traveler Aug 31st, 2002 05:52 AM

I agree that you must experience Atlantis to determine whether or not it is for you. Our family of 4 (2 boys, ages 6 and 10) stayed at the Coral Towers in July. Originally, we had booked at Comfort Suites but changed to the Coral Towers for only $214 more for a 7 night stay....preferred to stay on-site. My experience with checking in/out was very positive, however. There was not a long line (I think 2 people ahead of me) when both checking in and checking out. Our bags were brought to our room promptly also. Additionally, I called housekeeping when we got in our room and requested a refridgerator (complimentary, by the way) and it arrived within 30 minutes of my call. I even got a call later in the evening from housekeeping to make sure that the refridgerator was satisfactory. <BR><BR>About the pools...the pools closer to the Royal Towers were more crowded than the Coral and Beach Tower pools were. The pools were delightfully warm and never dirty. In fact, several times I saw divers vacuuming and scrubing the bottom of the pools.<BR><BR>Food was pricey but we enjoyed the family meal at Shark Bites too....great deal. We also brought alot of non-perishable foods with us and then purchased milk, juice, etc...once we had the refridgerator. The Atlantis bashers (gotta love 'em!) had me convinced prior to the trip that I would be spending a small fortune on food, but I actually spent 1/2 of what I expected to spend. <BR><BR>I would not go without my children either...but this was a wonderful family vacation that the kids are still talking about.

FamilyofFour Aug 31st, 2002 08:39 PM

We bought a GoGo Tours package that was 3 nights get the 4th night free - I think we had enough time. We only went into town for one dinner our kids just wanted to be in the water. The pools were never so crowded you couldn't get a chair, just too crowded for me. You had to walk past the all the locals to get on the beach, but once you passed the ropes that outlined the Atlantis beach, no one bothered you and there was plenty of room. Have fun!

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