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Holly Beren Aug 7th, 1998 05:52 PM

Jamaica Sucks

Oren Jackson Aug 7th, 1998 05:55 PM

Me and my wife was experienced the same horrible type of treatment. My wife was harassed many times while on the island. I will agreee with what you write because it is the truth. They need to have more police presence on Jamaica.

Michel Aug 9th, 1998 11:40 AM

Should one judge an entire country on one personal incident? If I was to travel to a U.S. city and had a bad experience, should I judge the entire American population? I don't think so! My wife and I have travelled in Jamaica, and have had a wonderful time.

cyndy Aug 10th, 1998 03:25 AM

That's why there are so many wonderful all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica - if you just stay there and enjoy the great food, service, beaches and activities you won't have a problem. People who wander Jamaica on their own, visiting the local bars, restaurants, and streets, either are uninformed about the possible problems or choose to disregard the warnings. The resorts are fabulous with no problems, so don't judge a beautiful island with so much to offer buy one irresponsible disregard of all the advice given here and elsewhere.

Leslie Aug 10th, 1998 04:37 AM

Cyndy, I totally agree with you that the all inclusives are 'no problem'. Certainly, if what <BR>a person is seeking in a vacation is pampering and <BR>R&R, the a/i is a great way to go. However, the safest, most genuine experiences I have had in Jamaica have been among Jamaican friends and other <BR>locals in their town, outside of the tourist areas. <BR>For me, to stay put in a compound behind a huge fence is not to have experienced Jamaica. The locals know where is safe. <BR> <BR> <BR>As for "Jamaica Sucks"; it's very unfair to judge a <BR>whole country by one negative experience. I was robbed in Florida. I don't condemn the USA and I continue to vacation in Florida as well. Crime can happen anywhere.

les Aug 10th, 1998 04:45 AM

If the only way to experience safety on Jamaica is to sit inside a resort and be afraid to visit and experience a bit of local culture...then I say BOOO Jamaica. It looks like such a wonderfully beautiful island, it is too bad that these problems seem very much the norm on Jamaica as oppposed to other islands. I agree that crime can hit you anywhere, but my idea of a holiday is not camping out and hiding from local culture...I'll sit on a beach here in Canada if that is the case! Its too bad, and I am very weary about visiting Jamaica (we were planning maybe for Jan.)...but I've read soooo many bad postings now, that I feel if we go...we are ignoring all the warning signs.

Leslie Aug 10th, 1998 08:38 AM

Les, I too had heard all the warnings prior <BR>to visiting Jamaica and was unsure. My husband <BR>and I have traveled somewhat in the Caribbean <BR>and like to explore new places. One visit to <BR>Jamaica and we were hooked. It certainly is <BR>not for everyone, and if you're very nervous <BR>about it, you should go somewhere else, but we <BR>found most Jamaicans to be the friendliest and most <BR>hospitable people we've met anywhere. Also, we <BR>found that for us, Jamaica didn't have the water <BR>problems, etc. that is associated with Mexico and <BR>some other Caribbean islands. I've visited 7 <BR>times and have never felt ill due to eating a <BR>different diet. My advice is to always be cautious, <BR>as you would be at home. If you think you're not <BR>going to like it, you won't. We were pleasantly <BR>surprised and have made some very good friends there.

Crystal Aug 10th, 1998 09:02 AM

Wherever you travel, you must do your fullest <BR>research on your destination. <BR>I am a single female, and went alone to Jamaica. <BR>At first it was a little frightening, because it was my first time out of the states. Then, once there, and staying in an all-inclusive I felt safe and comfortable. <BR>Jamaica is a beautiful place to vacation. As a honeymoon or with the entire family.

Gwen Aug 10th, 1998 09:40 AM

I am very sorry to hear about your experience and certainly am not trying to make light of it. Going on a vacation anywhere and being robbed must be horrifying. However, there was recently a murder trial in Florida where a yound Canadian was shot in the head for $2. Should we warn people to never go to the US again? Is it a lawless country as well. Jamaica is a third world country with crime. The majority of people are very warm friendly and great to talk to. Do not judge an entire country on one horrible incident. if we all start to do this we might as well just stay home in our backyards. <BR>

Negril Jill Aug 10th, 1998 11:32 AM

I am sorry you had a problem in Jamaica. But it is unfair to tar an entire island because you had an unfortunate incident. <BR> <BR>If you had been robbed and beaten in St. Thomas, which is a U.S. possession, would you be posting that no one should go? <BR> <BR>Jamaica has some serious problems with poverty, no question. The advent of the fortress-like all-inclusives has exacerbated this, as much as it's increased tourism, because the benefits of these hotels only go to the few. <BR> <BR>In Jamaica, you have to be prepared to deal with a country and a culture. It's not a theme park where "Manuel" the obsequious waiter is there waiting to refill your drink. You DO have to deal with the local residents differently than in other places. <BR> <BR>I know what happened to the original poster is a terrible thing. But when crime happens elsewhere in the Caribbean, it scares no one. But in Jamaica, the damage lasts years. Why?

Jane Aug 11th, 1998 09:53 AM

We went to Jamaica about 7 years ago. One time was too much. We will never go back. Our hotel was continually robbed, while people were sleeping mind you! Our friends were some of them. It took them 2 days out of their vacation to get things straight with the police! Where was the security? How do they get in there anyway? something is not right. We did not feel safe for one minute there. People were held up at knife point across the street from our hotel. The beggers are unreal. Any time we tried to venture outside the hotel, we had people following us side by side harrassing and harrassing. <BR>You can't be safe walking around Jamaica at all. That is not a vacation if you must stay cooped up in one spot. Jamaica needs some serious revamping in every area possible to get the tourists back again. I would go to Cancun anyday over Jamaica and a lot of the Carribean islands.

Chris Collinson Aug 11th, 1998 11:35 AM

To Gwen who writes "we might as well our backyards"; that is how I would feel in the Super-inclusives, which according to many here, are the only "safe" places in Jamaica. No thanks, don't want to pay thousands to go to a fortressed amusement park.

raeona Aug 12th, 1998 06:29 PM

For those of you who decide to go to Jamaica; think twice before booking on Air Jamaica. Unbelievable! THE worst airline experience we have ever had. <BR> <BR>In the space of a few days, here are some lst hand experiences: Bumped off a flight out of Chicago. <BR> <BR>The Jamaica-Chicago flight last Saturday left at least four hours late. I don't know what the over-booking situation was, but I can guess. <BR> <BR>The next nite, our flight was A.)first annouced that it would be delayed for by four hours. B>)Then so seriously overbooked that many people were bounced and C) didn't leave for another hour and a half. A flight that originally was scheduled to get into Ohare at 9 p.m., set down at 2 a.m. <BR> <BR>And most of the airline counter personnel were a joke! Rude and unhelpful.

Lucy Parks Aug 14th, 1998 12:42 AM

What does the US State Department say about safety in Jamaica for tourists?

Azeem Nathoo Aug 14th, 1998 06:55 AM

Having read about the relative pros and cons of going to Jamaica, I am still interested to see the place and meet the people. Are there 'safe' areas to visit or does crime pervade every region of the country? <BR> <BR>Is there an inexpensive way to see the country while trying to avoid crime ridden areas?

Lae Aug 17th, 1998 04:42 AM

Which area of Jamaica is "the Safest" so to speak. I've read that the best area of Jamaica to go to-to avoid some of these major problems is Negril. Is this true or is Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay just as safe and fun? <BR>

wendy Aug 18th, 1998 08:23 PM

we've been to jamaica twice in the last 3 years and are going back to negril for thanksgiving. we never stayed at an all-inclusive (please-now that's adventurous) and never had any problems. the first year we even rented a car -spur of the moment and drove to negril w/no room reservations and never felt threatened once. of course you need to take the usual precautions like you do anywhere, but the people are for the most part great--and if you don't want any of what they're trying to sell you whether it be smoke or beads, just politely tell them no. people who stay in all-inclusives should just spend their vacations in disneyland!! <BR>

Lae Aug 19th, 1998 04:43 AM

<BR>All inclusives are not just for the unadverturous....there is a growing trend toward them, and it is not for the reasons you mention. I personally, when going on vacation, like to know the price up front, so I can allow $$ for extra excursions & adventures. Also:... I am a Canadian and our $ is the sh..'s right now-many Canadians cannot afford to go to an island and lose money on every $ we spend. By going all inclusive we aren't paying twice as much as Americans for each meal, drinks, etc. If we did this- it would cost us almost twice as much as americans to enjoy travel in many caribbean islands.

Martin Aug 19th, 1998 10:04 AM

I agree. I don't stay at all-inclusives to "isoloate" myself from the local people or culture. There is something relaxing about being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without worrying about money or tipping. Granted, if you do everything "a la carte" your vacation may still cost you less than an all-inclusive. However, there is just something psychologically appealing about paying for everything up front. This may not work for everyone, but I don't think that those of us who enjoy it should be criticized. <BR>

ebgreen Aug 19th, 1998 10:33 AM

I love the products and fruits of Jamaica -- unlike any other Caribbean island. I recommend staying at a <BR>house with a staff -- and just enjoy the beach. In the past I have driven around the island and gone shopping, etc. -- all was OK, but it is really the best place to just DO NOTHING!!

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