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We want to make our third trip (so far Cuba and the Dominican Republic) to the Caribbean this Christmas and have heard varying reports about the above mentioned destinations. Any thoughts? No kids, good food, beaches etc.
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Having been to both Margarita Island and Jamaica and enjoyed both. Stayed at A/I on both islands.Margarita is definitely less expensive. We were able to stay for 15 days for about $200 more than 8 days at Sandals Royal. Be VERY careful when choosing your resort on Isla Margarita. We heard some real horror stories from others. We stayed at the Allegro Dunes. The food is good and a few restaurants are excellent. Got a lunch on the beach of HUGE shrimp (8-10" and we watched them remove them from the trap) for around $11 US. Very nice! People are not as used to Norte Americanos and knowing a little spanish is a plus. A lot of the younger crowd tends to congregate along Playa Agua due to the excellent windsurfing there. The people seem to be much better off economically than Jamaicans and there is less poverty, although it is still a poor country. Lots to do and if you go, don't miss going to Angel Falls and Yuriam(sp?) Nat'l park. If you have anything specific, let me know.
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We lovingly refer to our trip to Margarita as the vacation from hell. A little Spanish? Try being fluent. Our resort Spanish wasn't enough, especially if you get worked over by the airlines and get stuck in Caracas. The food is cheap yes, but in the long run you pay for it. The beaches weren't as nice as the other islands and the snorkling was pitiful.

Jamaica was pretty,and the locals we met at the resort were wonderful but we were treated like virtual prisoners at our A/I. They were doing it for our own safey, but it was uncomfortable. I don't want to go to a place where I have to be led like a child downtown and told exactly which shops I can go in and such. We were advised not to venture out on our own especially at night. We had a great time at the resort but could have saved money and done the same thing stateside for that matter.
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Never been to Jamaica, but at least three different people I have spoken to that went to Margarita Island have been victims of thefts from their hotel rooms, and the local police, hotel guys, AND EVEN the American tour operator(!) couldn't help them resolve their case! No One ever got reimbursed for what was stolen (jewelry, money, etc)--I wont be going there!
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I have been to Margarita Island twice.
I agree that you do need to have some proficiency in spanish if you decide to venture off of the beaten track. The best beach there is Playa Caribe in front of the Mosquito Coast Bar/Restuarant. If you like windsurfing, you should stay at Playa El Yaque on the southern tip of the island. We stayed at the Casa Veinto in January of last year. Don't miss taking a speedboat to Coche Island. It is pristine and beautiful although not as lush as other tropical locales. You can also take worthwhile excursions to Grenada, La Blanquilla, Tobago, Angel Falls, and Los Roques from Margarita Island. Other worthwhile beaches on the island include Playa El Aqua, Playa Puerto Cruz and Playa Puerto Viejo in front of the Isla Bonita Resort on the northwest part of the island. I did not like the town of Porlomar because of the traffic congestion and overdevelopment. Margarita is definitiely a worthwhile place to visit and to use as a jumping off point to get to know other nearby destinations. A lot of americans seem to like the Isla Bonita Hotel although there are other cheaper options elsewhere. The Casa Viento guest house costed 75 bucks per night for three adults. It included a free coninental breakfast that filled us till 1-2p.m. As for Jamaica, I look forward to going there this January. We are going to the Boscobel Beach Resort for families. Anybody been there? We are bringing my two and a half year old. Thanks HH

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